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    Resume on exit Captivate/Presenter

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      Help wanted.


      Currently I am trying to set up E-learning courses with both Captivate 5 and Presenter 7 to be presented in a LMS (It's learning). Since I am rather new to this field I made some experimental projects in Scorm 1.2 format that I tested in the LMS. The test case for Presenter works fine in relation to reporting and resuming the lessons. However the test case (a different design) for Captivate gives me problems with both the reporting and the resume on exit.


      Evidently the most simple solution is to use Presenter only. However I have not been able to insert user interactive Flash content in the Presenter project. A feature that is possible in Captivate. For the courses I'm setting up this user interactive Flash content is necessary.


      I have been trying to find individual differences in the two different scorm packages. Tried to survey differences in the HTML and JS files but have not come to a working solution.


      Is there anybody out there, experiencing the same problems? Even better someone with a solution to my problem?


      TIA for any answer. 

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          Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

          I've not used Adobe Presenter but a couple times for very simple PPT conversions. We do use Articulate Presenter a lot which seems very similar (and a bit more...robust). In Articulate, you have to add a Flash component via a menu item....I don't recall the process offhand (software not on this computer).

          How about these links:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Connect/6.0/Presenter/help.html?content=WS3a32668ae8e7984c6173 6e10b1fbedbaf-7fd9.html


          http://www.adobe.com/education/resources/hed/instructional/connect/collaborative_teaching/ pdfs/add_flash_adobe_pres.pdf


          However, if Captivate is better but the issue is with reporting and resume, then what specifically are those problems?


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            Dear Erik,


            Thanks for your answer. In the meanwhile I've been experimenting some more. For now I've solved the problem by creating a new project from scratch. Step by step I've added new stuff to the project and tested carefully on the way. I'm not sure however what caused the initial problem and are still curious what went wrong. Off course this is fired by my wish not to make the same mistake again. In basis the project 1) did not resume on the last viewed page, 2) did not report project progress and 3) no score. Actually I saw absolutely nothing in the LMS.


            Probably all co-insides with my newbe status with CPT.

            If I stumble into problems again, hopefully I can contact you again?



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              Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

              1) did not resume on the last viewed page:

              Is 'always send resume data' (or something like that) checked in the Preferences for the project?

              Technically, a lesson should set the 'cmi.exit' value to 'suspend' in order for an LMS to send back the 'lesson location'. Captivate 4 and previous did not do that, not sure if CP5 does. If a lesson does not set cmi.exit to suspend then, technically, the LMS should not return lesson location. Some LMS products enforce that, some do not. In our LMS, there's an option to 'always send resume data' and ignore the cmi.exit value for exactly that deficency in some authoring tools.


              2) did not report project  progress:

              That's a bit more loose - what do you expect to be reported as 'progress'. 'cmi.progress_measure' support is not always supported by an LMS and I doubt any version of CP reports that. However, CP will report a quiz percentage...and every LMS should support that. To see a quiz score percentage, you must have 'scored interactions' somewhere in the lesson for CP to evaluate responses and determine a score.


              3) no score;

              Same as above, regarding score/percentage.


              Just post to this forum or, better, then Captivate forum for future inquiries. Lots more folks to respond in these forums than just me alone!