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    Stop Motion With OnLocation CS4???


      I'm missing something here I think. There are also no references to Stop Motion or Time Lapse in the Help Files of OnLocation CS4...

      There are at least Help files on Stop Motion and Time Lapse in CS3.

      How do you do Stop Motion in CS4?

      In CS3 there was a Stop Motion button you pressed to record the screen and move on to the next frame using the SplitScreen Overlay to create an Onion Skin affect.

      But how do you achieve this with CS4 as there is no stop motion button!

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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee
          You didn't miss anything; CS3's stop motion features didn't make it into CS4.

          While rewriting OnLocation and porting it to Mac OS X, we prioritized creating a high quality cross-platform product, over including every feature present in previous releases.

          We recognize that stop motion was used by a small-but-exceedingly-passionate(!!!) subset of OnLocation users, and apologize for any inconvenience.
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            Translate that to: "We had a hell of a time trying to make that work under OS X and it was a lot easier to just drop it."

            But you still have your CS3 version to use, don't you? I queried on peaceful coexistence of both versions on same PC and the answer was a reassuring affirmative.
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              Yes, I still have CS3 version, but I was hoping for more improvement rather than a complete drop.

              Even with the CS3 version, when you took a few frames and then played back, you then could no longer capture frames to the same timeline. Capturing another frame started another timeline, which was a nuisance.

              Anyway we bit the bullet as we need to use tools that do what we want rather than using a tool that restricts us to doing things according to what it decides we should do, so we purchased Stop Motion Pro HD on Friday.

              Anyway Onlocation should never have been the tool to do stop motion, if you are out on a location, when do you get the time needed to do it? How many people would have actually used the stop motion option while out on a location like a beach or street or field. Maybe thats why it wasn't used very often.

              Stop motion should be an option with Premiere Pro as this would be a studio environment anyway?

              I bet if it was available in Premiere Pro, Adobe would see more activity of the stop motion "feature"?
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                Iguanna2 Level 1

                I also want to make some stop-motion films with a dv-camera conected to my PC. I have the CS4 Porduction premium. Is there any way to make stop-Motion with the connecte camera?