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    Best Strategy for Exporting Fireworks into Dreamweaver


      I created a navigation bar in Fireworks and now I want to export it into Dreamweaver.


      So I Went to Edit->Copy HTML Code (hotkey for this is Ctrl+Alt+C)


      Now, what's the "best choice" from the dialog choices: AIR HTML, Dreamweaver HTML, Generic HTML, GoLive HTML, AIR XHTML, Dreamweaver XHTML, Generic XHTML or GoLive XHTML for a cross browser "professional" website?


      I only tried the "Dreamweaver HTML Option" and itseemed to work nicely in my rookie opinion.


      I think this technique might be at a performance cost to my graphic design or the website speed. So should I use a different strategy for exporting Fireworks to Dreamweaver?  I have the CS5 package so can use any of those programs for support.