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    fonts not displaying properly in adobe reader and adobe acrobat




      i have a client who says that when he loads up PDF documents in either adobe reader or adobe acrobat, the fonts look different than when he prints these documents  out (the letters are much thinner when displayed on his computer).  this happens on almost all pdf documents he views.  he says this is a recent problem.  he thinks it happened after he loaded a pdf document, and adobe reader asked him a question, and he replied to the question without thinking or really knowing what the question was.  he gets the same result both on adobe reader (he is running 10.0.1) and adobe acrobat (10.0.0).  he is using a new sony computer running windows 7 64 bit edition.  any ideas on how to resolve this issue?



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          I've had this happen, and one other twist. When I scrolled a document up and down, the text would, for lack of a better word, "dissolve". Literally, pixels would drop out of the text and it would be unreadable. After several things tried, including a reformat and a reinstall of everything on the machine, I was able to trace the problem to a single corrupted font (called "Brady Bunch") which Windows read as Arial, and replaced it in every application that used Arial as a default font. It made using Reader and Firefox impossible until I uninstalled it.


          There is a font that Windows is substituting for the default Tahoma or Arial font on this system. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts on it.