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    Problem loading script.


      I don't know the best way to explain this, but I was making some notes on my script through the iPhone app (great app, btw) and I accidentally left a blank note in the file and logged out. When I got home later I sat down at my computer to work further but now my script won't load up. Other docs will load up fine and I can still load it up in the iphone app, just not on my PC..


      Now, here's where it gets wierd. On the iPhone app it is listed to have 13 comments in the doc, but on the PC it's only listing 12. I went into the app and searched the comments and found the blank comment I had left earlier. I tied to delete it but the app froze during the process. I can delete other comments i've created.


      Has enyone encountered something like this before? And is there any way to salvage the file, or do I need to retype it from scratch?


      Thanks in advance! Loving the software so far.