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    Acrobat Reader X freezing in Windows7 64-bit


      I am using Acrobat Reader v10.0.1 in Windows7 (64-bit) with 12Gb of RAM and I encounter freezing of the application nearly every time I use it. This 'freezing' is observed as the image on the screen losing large portions of text or buttons with the applications faling to respond to any inputs. It seems to occur more on larger files but it is not limited to this. I also notice that I show multiple instances of the Acrobat.exe in task manager even though I have closed all but one document. In order to get around this problem, I have been killing all acrobat processes in task manager and then re-opening the documents I am reading. I can then work with those documents for awhile (awhile is a variable amount of time). I have uninstalled and re-installed version 10 and all of my video drivers are up to date. This is the only application that appears to freeze on this (new) computer.