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    A few different questions...

    ufoldager Level 1



      I just bought a brand new PC for work (and other stuff too), and finally got a chance to install my Illustrator CS5 package.


      Now, I just moved from the CS4 version, and things are much the same, however, there's so far 2 questions that I'm looking for help with.


      1) I spend a lot of time exporting my illustrations to the PNG format, and every time I do so, I have to tick the "Use artboards" checkbox at the bottom of the filemanager window (Windows 7). In CS4, I could just tick it once for every Illustrator session, and that was it. Is there a way for Illustrator CS5 to remember that tick every time I have to export an image from an artboard?


      2) Also, the movement and updating of graphics within Illustrator CS5 seems very coarse and laggy when I hold SPACEBAR to move around my artboard. This seems especially true when I am zoomed in close to adjust details on an artboard. This never seemed the case with CS4, even though when I used CS4 it was on a much less powerful laptop PC. This also seems the case with even fairly simple illustrative images in CS5 - the movement feels laggy, sloppy and very choppy.


      I seriously doubt this is due to my machine, because it's got a great deal of power. Here are the specs:


      CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 K

      RAM: 16GB 1600 Mhz

      GFX: nVidia GTX 580

      OS: Windows 7 Premium


      Looking forward to hear some feedback, thank you!





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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Just curious since Illustrator is still 32 bit is it installed as a 32 bit application.


          Now keep in mind I am not familiar with he Windows platform so my information maybe faulty but I understand that if a 32 bit application is installed on Windows 7 as just another application it may not perform as well as if it is installed as a 32 bit application.


          Now my understanding is you do this with the systems installer application which I have limited knowledge of though I have in the past installed Adobe applications on past Windows systems.


          So do some research and perhaps Mylenium or Jacob or some other Windows user comes along to assist you.


          The other possibility is one or more of your fonts are bloating your font cache and even though you might not be using fonts it can effect the performance of Illustrator.


          I am sure there are other ideas out there.

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            ufoldager Level 1

            I am not sure if it's running as a 32-bit version, though I suspect so. My reason being that Photoshop appears as both available as 32-bit and 64-bit in my package, and if Illustrator was 64-bit, there would indeed be 2 versions installed, just as there is with Photoshop.


            Fonts might actually be the reason, though. Or maybe just adding to the issue. I recently installed a hoarde of fonts and ended up with about 5.8K+ installed fonts.

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              [scott] Level 6

              1) No... and it's annoying.


              2) Make certain "Snap to Pixel Grid" and "Snap to Grid" are off, then draging should be smooth. But for web graphics, you probably want "Snap to Pixel Grid" on to keep the graphics sharp.

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                ufoldager Level 1

                Thanks for answering my first issue, Scott.


                Your solution for the 2nd problem, however, did not help me, unfortunately. I appreciate the effort, though!


                PS: I ticked off "Snap to Grid", but didn't see a "Snap to Pixel Grid" in my menu. Didn't work.





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                  Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Check in the Transform panel.

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                    ufoldager Level 1

                    Thanks, but it was already inactive. So no luck here either.

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                      ufoldager Level 1

                      Just wanted to toss in a small update for good measure...


                      I have been unable to resolve the issue with choppy workflow in Adobe Illustrator CS5, so I have decided to uninstall my CS5 applications and revert back to the CS4 editions instead.


                      Adobe Illustrator CS4 works flawlessly now. Moving around the artboard is a breeze, and much faster and more responsive to work with.


                      Thanks for the responses!





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                        Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

                        1. Use Artboards to be checked everytime for your kind of workflow does look annoying.


                        2. Please update Illustrator CS5 with the latest patch (15.0.2) and see if you notice a change.