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    New Elearning User - Support and Upgrade question



      I am having a lot of issues with trying to get customer support via both the chat and telephone support lines. I bought the Elearning suite 2.0 on the 26th May only to find out 2.5 has been released on the 29th !!!


      I can't seem to get hold of anyone to discuss the possibility of an upgrade considering the product was released 3 days after I purchased with no forwarning.


      Does anyone know how I can progress this??


      So far I have had MAJOR issues with the install of Presenter Pro - the support was terrible (waited on hold for a total of over one and a half hours waiting for support only to be palmed of to four different people) the pre-purchase support person promised to email details, training options etc etc and info for Adobe Connect - that was around four weeks ago and still no information - plus I can't seem to get hold of anyone to track it down either!!


      HELP a frustrated first time Adobe customer - Does anyone know ways to be heard with this company ???