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    VC3 will not allow me to resize, crop, or flip images in Windows 7!  Possible Bug?

    Greek2U Level 1

      I have tried adjusting images in VC3 with Windows XP and have had no problem. However, after testing this unsuccessfully in WIndows 7 with two different brands of computers, I am almost positive this is a bug with the new operating system. Adjusting PNG images however works perfectly so the JPG file format seems to be the issue.  Can anyone else that is using Windows 7 confirm whether adjusting JPG images (flipping, cropping, resizing, etc.) works for them in VC3?  There is simply no response from my program when I attempted these functions.  The image just stays in its default state.


      Adobe tech support was absolutely no help on this when I contacted them (what a joke).  I have been pulling my hair out over this issue for days now so I am desperate for an answer from anyone who uses this program with Windows 7.  Thank you in advance.