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    Page Orientation

    Jack Level 1

      INDD file is essentially complete. Please advise if there is a way to change all page orientations, i.e., rotate all pages and all content on pages 90 degrees. Rotation can be done either as an edit in inDesign or during export to PDF.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You need to clarify a bit. Did you want the frames to change shape to go to the new oreintation, or are you trying to change the binding edge?

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            Jack Level 1

            Frames need to change shape. Binding edge remains unchanged, but presentation in PDF has to be vertical rather than horizontal.




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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Sorry, been out all afternoon.


              Make sure the frames are snapped to the margins (change the margins if necessary), then turn on Layout Adjustment (Layout > Layout Adjustment...). Got Document setup and change the page orientation (and size, if necessary). Finally, readjust margins if required.


              You might want to do this to a copy of the file for safety.

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                Jack Level 1

                Hope I can make this clear. In order for my printer to print this as a calendar, with pages each 11w. x 8.5h., the pages have to be reoriented, and all the content needs similar treatment. For example, each element of every monthly text table, including header bars with days of the week, holidays, images of phase of moon, etc. , needs to be rotated.


                So, after considerable labor doing all the rotations, one would end up standing on one's ear working on the content.


                to avoid this, printer's rep suggests opening the document, previously saved as pdf, in Adobe PDF Reader, rotating and transferring pages in pdf format, one at a time, into a new .indd. Some questions:


                New document shows only the page outline. How/where are image bleed and page margin outlines set up?

                After rotating a page in the pdf reader, I want to transfer it to the .indd. How is that done?

                When I try to select+copy in the .pdf, then paste into .indd, the pdf content is highly zoomed in, and the .indd page shows only ~1/10 of the content. Looks like some resolution issue?




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                  George Krompacky Level 1

                  If you only need the pages rotated so that you can work on them without going insane, you could simply use the "rotate spread view" option in the pages panel menu. Set the pages up rotated the way they are supposed to print, then just rotate the view when you're working on them.


                  But I may be misunderstanding your needs, and if so sorry.



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                    Jack Level 1

                    OK, that was GREAT HELP. The drill now is: select all content on a page, rotate 90 deg., then rotate the view, reposition the content, clear view rotation. So far, so good, 1/6 finished.


                    The document (inherited from non-involved, third party) still has incorrect bleeds. Bleed margins need to increase from 1/8 to 1/4 on the outer edges. Where/how is this adjustment made?




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                      John Hawkinson Level 5

                      This should not be necessary.

                      If your text area is bounded to the regions of the page, then when you have Layout Adjustment selected, then all items on the page will be rotated when you rotate document setup in File > Document Setup.


                      You can do this by adjusting the page size prior to layout adjustment if you like.

                      Bleeds are set in the More Options section of the aforementioned Document Setup.


                      What version are you using, CS5, CS5.5? — there may be other ways to do this as well.

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                        Jack Level 1

                        GREAT again, many thanks. In each page pair is one big graphic on a page, and lots of objects on the second. Now an easy drill: move the graphic out of the frame, select all to catch the rest, and it all rotates beautifully, with everything remaining in position (except for minor tweaks).