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    Adobe Reader for PlayBook is useless


      The Adobe reder for the PlayBook is almost completely useless.


      There's no "jump to page" feature - on a 6,000 page service manual, it is impossible to get where you need to go.

      There's no "Bookmarks" feature - again, on large documents that are organized by bookmarks, it is impossible to use.

      There are no annotation features

      There are no search features


      The list goes on.  This reader is incredibly simple - all it does is open the file.  That's it.


      I sure hope Adobe comes out with an updated version pretty quickly.



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          I agree, totally.


          The swiping is very bad as well. There is no continuous way of flipping through pages, It's only one page at a time. I have to wait for the flipping animation to finish before trying to flip to thenext page.


          In general, the software needs a lot of work. If Adobe does not get on this, the AppWorld store will see more fully featured PDF viewers available for download.



          On a positive note, it's great to see that the reader is only 3Mb, as opposed to the bloated 80Mb+ desktop counterpart.

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            Ken Linton

            NO search/find, NO bookmark, NO annotation. How hard would it have been for Adobe to add these and make Playbook + Adobe Reader a VERY functional product? Not hard at all.