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    Compound path not working

    janepell Community Member



      I have found that in every version of Illy, there are glitches

      with compound path. I do know that sometimes selecting

      multiple objects doesn't work and you have to do it one by one,

      or if the paths are too complex it doesn't work.


      But it's extremely frustrating that it seems to work and then

      not work in seemingly identical objects. I've tried making sure

      nothing is grouped, I've changed the stacking order, all to have

      one piece continually not work.


      This leaves a logo or illustration with one but that needs to

      be clear that is, instead, white.


      Is there something I'm overlooking? Anyone else experience this?




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          Printer_Rick Community Member

          I find that when make Compound Path gives troubles, sometimes Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel will work.

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            budodan Community Member

            Thank you so much for that.

            I could not get my compound path to work properly. I did not know about all the pathfinder options, so this has a lot of possibilities for me now.

            You saved me a lot of time.



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              Steve Fairbairn Community Member

              Check also Winding Rule and Reverse Path buttons on the Attributes palette.

              They can sometimes mend compound paths that don't work properly.

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                Mike Gondek2 MVP

                Compound paths can sometimes be very frustrating, even for experienced users. In addition to the other responses I would like to add this simple illustration:

                Picture 2.png

                Top row = composed of 5 big circles and 5 smaller ones directly on top. Doing a compound of all 10 gives an undesired result. This happens often when creating/editing type and trying to knockout the centers.


                Bottom row = Solution. I grabbed the 5 smaller circles(They are selected in the screenshot) and made a compound path(nothing interesting happens at this point, but this step is important). Then I grabbed the compound path along with the 5 big circles. Now making a compound path give the desired result.