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    fixing broken links in RH8

    luviola10 Level 1

      I have about 8 broken links in an RH8 project. They are all in one folder, which exists in the project folder but does not appear when opening the project file in RH. What is the best way to add these back in the project and can I do all the files in the folder at once?

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          Amebr Level 4

          Are they broken links or missing topics?


          If they show up as topics with a red x in the icon, I think you should just be able to click Restore. If the whole folder is missing, you should just be able to Import and select all the topics in the applicable folder.


          If they are broken links, you'll have to fix the reference in the applicable topics. Right-click on the link and select Show Topic References. The dialog box will list all the places that the topic is reference. Click Edit and locate the link or Related Topics button that references the topic and fix the link. For index and TOC entries, you can just fix the link in the dialog box that opens.




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            RoboAsh Level 2

            Did you by any chance tried doing multi-File find and Replace through any third party tool, or did you tried editing any of the .fpj file manually? and do you see those topics physically present inside your project.


            can you please share the snapshot of the broken link list and the "root.fpj" with me




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              luviola10 Level 1

              I couldn't fix the links through Tools> Resolve Broken Links for some reason. So, since it was only about 8 htm files in one folder I imported the files and created a folder with the same name. Then I deleted each broken link and Rh allowed me to do this.