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    "CAHeadless Debug Event" Error message


      I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0 installed on my Windows 7 computer and have recently started getting a message that I believe may be associated with that program. The message reads "CAHeadless Debug Event" "CAHeadless has encountered an error - [..\..\Src\DataManager.cpp-410]"

      Does anyone know what may be causing this message and how to cure it. I am able to click the Continue button and everything works as it should but it is a little annoying.




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          I am having the same issue. I would really like to find out why as well!
          Thanks, Amy
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            Glad that I am not the only one. I have the message on the forum since Dec 10,2010 with 30 reads but 0 answer. I wish both of us luck.



            LINK: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/764040


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              nikgeorge Level 1

              Hi Patric,


              I am adding here part of message I received :


              Wednesday, December 15, 2010 8:44:05 AM PST
              Hi  George,

              Thank you for your patience. I can understand that it must make  you feel
              upset and we will work toward fixing this situation for  you.

              Please try the following steps:

              > It seems that it is a  catalog issue.

              To create a catalog:
              1. Make sure that Premiere  Elements and the Photoshop Elements Editor
              are closed.
              2. Open the Catalog  Manager.
              3. In the Catalog Manager, click New.
              4. Type a name for this new  catalog and then click OK. The Organizer
              opens with this new, blank catalog


              Itwork for me! I hope that you can do the same. In my case it was the 'Catalog' issue.



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                PatrickDyer44 Level 1

                You might like to know that I tried a different forum with this problem and had a reply that suggested I do the following:


                1. Make sure that Premiere  Elements and the Photoshop Elements Editor

                are closed.

                2. Open the Catalog  Manager.

                3. In the Catalog Manager, click New.

                4. Type a name for this new  catalog and then click OK. The Organizer

                opens with this new, blank catalog.


                That’s it then you can go back to the original catalog. No guarantee as I’ve just tried it and haven’t had long enough to know if it works or not.

                Hope that may be of some help.





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                Subject: Error message


                I am having the same issue. I would really like to find out why as well!

                Thanks, Amy

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                  Kenny Oz Level 1

                  Same Error.  Existing catalog.  BIG catalog.  Not interested in starting a new one.  Very annoying. What's up Adobe?  Surely there's more info available here..

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                    I am also having the same CAHeadless Debug error on PSE 9.


                    Switching catalogs does not help.


                    Turning off face recognition does not help.


                    I have looked through the forums and on the internet and it seems that this is a common problem for PSE 7, PSE 8, and now PSE 9.


                    Does anyone have a solution?

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                      William Mahar

                      I am encountering the same error and would like a solution from Adobe.  Has anyone found a work-around for this problem?   Keep the thread spinning until Adobe discover/invents a solution.  Bill.

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                        What do you guys expect ? I have the same error, besides others, Tried the same like you guys, did not help  After 30 yrs IT, I think I have rarely seen such an obsolete, unintuitiv and error prone product. Especially this organizer is a pain in the behind.  Fit's my feelings about Adobe products as such.

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                          whysthatsocomplicated Level 1

                          Just got the next one, now the elements autoanalyzer "has encountered a problem and needs to close"

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                            saurabh288 Level 4

                            Are there video files in your catalog? You can switch of AA by going to preferences and uncheck the option to analyze files automatically.

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                              The problem is with the auto analyzer.  It recently turned this on and the message started appearing - now turned it off and the message gone away!  Turn it off in your preferences under Media Analysis.

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                                jharsh803 Level 1

                                Yes, there are video files, but I have the analyze off already.

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                                  William Mahar Level 1

                                  Thanks for the advice.  Tried this twice; it did not work.  The error message reappeared when I used PSE 9.  Many other subscribers to PSE 9 seem to have the same problem.  It does not affect the operation of the program, but it is just another one of those nagging problems the original software manufacturer should address. 


                                  Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 12:44:41 -0600

                                  From: forums@adobe.com

                                  To: mahar1964@hotmail.com

                                  Subject: Error message


                                  The problem is with the auto analyzer.  It recently turned this on and the message started appearing - now turned it off and the message gone away!  Turn it off in your preferences under Media Analysis.


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                                    I have the same problem on my system, but it seams to be soved according to the instructions of Mr. William Mahar.


                                    - Also a problem for me in the same connection is, that if I open a file of 2011, the PSE shows up with files of 2009. I thought it could be also a problem of the media analaysis. I shut them off in the preferences, but this problem still occurs.


                                    - An other problem is that I can't download Adobe Help since several days, even a fortnight. My PSE9 has been delivered with the help files of PSE8. Up to now I have not found any answer in a forum

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                                      Allan Dixon

                                      I'm finding this completely frustrating as well. I've shut down all auto-analysis  options and will see what happens. Sadly clicking continue on the error dialogue box for me completely locks my system (Windows 7, 64 bit) and so requires a hard reset.

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                                        GHBlue Level 1

                                        I am getting the CAHeadless error with the number at the end being

                                        409 instead of 410.  Has anybody been able to cure this problem.  I am

                                        becoming frustrated as many ae with poor Adobe support. I don't like getting on the phone and waiting forever to talk to some dolt who doesn't help.

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                                          uwpipin Level 1

                                          Dear Sir,


                                          I have taken the advice as given in the http://forums.adobe.com/message/3719177#3719177 by William Mahar

                                          It worked. I really do hope that it does also with 409.


                                          PSE9 is still a mess. Previously I used Ver. 2, 4, 7, 8 and now 9, always hoping the new version would be improved and having less bugs. But unfortunately I got always disappointed.

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                                            GHBlue Level 1

                                            Thanks for the help.  I tried to follow the link to find his advice but was not successful.  What might I be doing wrong.


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                                              uwpipin Level 1

                                              Hi Gordon

                                              Sorry, I meant PatrikDyer44 under Point No. 4 of the thread. But in addition I turned off the auto analyser as mentioned by William Mahar under message No. 13


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                                                Same problems and then system freezes. it

                                                is frustrating when working on limited time to have to keep restarting

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                                                  Bob Frustrated

                                                  I too am a user of Photoshop Elements9 installed on my Windows 7 computer.  I recently encountered the CA Headless 410 Problem.  I tried the trick of creating a new Catalog and then going back to the original.  I have also tried turning off the Media Analysis.  No help.

                                                  The pressing the continue button when the error message appears allows you to keep on working in Organizer.  But if you tried to create a video with music it then closes the program down no matter what I have tried.  Has anyone come up with a new solution that works?


                                                  Bob Frustrated

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                                                    I got a similiar message which I thought used words "headless bug" but it was probably debug.


                                                    I more often get the following whenever I go to create a new album in the Organizer:


                                                    "A problem occurred while loading this album template. An auxilliary file may be missing or damaged. Please reinstall the application to correct the problem."


                                                    Then I click OK and I can go ahead and create the album. So everything still works but why does this meaningless message appear up every time???????????????????????

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                                                      I just want to inform you all that I installed PE10  and I am ow also getting this  Ca Headless-message. So a new version is no help.  I had no problem in PE9.

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                                                        I think I solved the problem...


                                                        Try this: Go to your C:\ drive and then the following folder:


                                                        C:\ProgramData\Adobe\ElementsOrganizer\Catalogs -


                                                        Remove all remaining folders inside the Catalogs file (or just drag them out to your desktop)


                                                        Open Elements and then the Organizer -

                                                        A window opens and tells you to enter a new Catalog.

                                                        Do so in another place, like another drive... (I tried one on the C:\dive and got the same message.)


                                                        That's it...


                                                        No further problems for a few weeks now. Looks like that's it...!!

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                                                          I'm having the same problem in PE10, and along with the error message none of my thumbnails are loading into the organizer.  It's as if the catalog was empty ecept in the lower right hand corner is says there are 12,092 itemes dates Jan 1980 to May 2012 so there are there somewhere.


                                                          I just moved from a PC to a MAC and had to carfully and manually  import all these photos because while you can import the tags you can not import the Albums from a PC to a MAC.  It took me at least 10 hours!


                                                          Anyway does anyone know how to get the thumbnails back?  I'll die if I have to start from scratch!

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                                                            Barbara B. Level 7

                                                            You are getting the CAheadless debug error on a mac? How did you migrate your catalog from windows to the mac?

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                                                              BrianJL Level 1

                                                              It didn't migrate it.  I was able to attached the tags to the individual pictures on my old PC and most or them came along when I imported them on my MAC.   I had to rebuild the my  Albums from scratch however since my photo folders were already organized by year and event "Vacation", "Graduation" and so on that was doable.  I did not want to load all my photos im photoshop so selecting the ones to bring in took a great deal of time.


                                                              I just completed loading the last of the photos and decided to run the Optimizer, Repair and re-indexer of simmilar data on the catalog.  The next time I opened PE10 the thumbnails were gone.

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                                                                Barbara B. Level 7

                                                                re-indexer of simmilar data



                                                                Also, do you still have the windows computer available to you?

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                                                                  BrianJL Level 1

                                                                  "Re-index Visual Similarity Data", it's a coice once you've selected "Repair"  from the Catalog Mangager, and yes I still have the old windows PC

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                                                                    BrianJL Level 1


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                                                                      Barbara B. Level 7

                                                                      Before trying anything drastic, since this isn't your old catalog anyway, try  making a new catalog File>Catalog>New with just a few sample photos in it. Does that work right?

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                                                                        BrianJL Level 1

                                                                        yes it worked

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                                                                          BrianJL Level 1

                                                                          I was able to bring in a few photos however the tags that were attached on the MAC did not come through

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                                                                            Same with me! Organizer is screwing up and getting those errors are a pain in the ***. I see people are saying make a new catalog. Going to try that. Hopefully this glitch gets solved. While the organizer is handy at times...I get pissed off wondering  ....hmm is today the day that my pics all poof into the Glitched Organizer Zone. Thanks everyone for the info about Creating new catalog. Going to try that.GL to everyone with the same issue.

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                                                                              Wow, thank you!  This worked.  I actually have tried all things and this is the only thing that removed it.  You are awesome!

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                                                                                If you have yourself set up as a normal user (as opposed to an adminstrator) in Win 7 or Vista you may want to try disabling any PSE autostart programs and then use the "run as administrator" to run PSE. This has the unfortunate effect of undoing the security you gained by creating and using a non-administrator user. It has the positive effect of allowing poorly written (from a security point of view) programs to run with fewer errors. (This 'trick' works with many programs, Adobe are far from being the only company who have taken shortcuts with user permissions with coputer programs.)


                                                                                Apologies, if I sound irritated, I have spent a large part of today fighting ridiculous erros in PSE (eg Organizer decided to refuse to refuse to import pictures because it 'did not support their colorspace'. The fact that the other 130 odd photos I took at th esame event with the same camera and camera settings was seemingly irrelevant. I was also having problems with deleteing photos from PSE Organizer because 'the file is open in organizer'. Finally, I sent a photo to the editor for editing and could not save the file to th esmae filename because, yes you uguessed it,  'the file is open in organizer'.


                                                                                I have over 37,000 photos in Organizer, and the thought of having to import and tag them again is pretty muc the only thing stopping me from tossing PSE and using an alternative.

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                                                                                  ndgreen Level 1

                                                                                  My apologies, I forgot to add: Another huge disadvantage to havinng to use 'run as administrator' is that the first time PSE will open the 'My Catalog' of the administrator instead of your normal user, thus you will have to use the File -> Catalog command and open your regular catalog.

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                                                                                    ndgreen Level 1

                                                                                    Wow, I just looked at the stats for this more closely, 9,510 views since PatrickDyer44 posted the initial query on 7/31/12! 


                                                                                    The next highest number of view I saw for a discussion in my quick glance through the first few pages was 308. I guess this CAHeadless really is causing a problme for a lot of people. With luck Adobe monitor these forums and act issues that seem to affect large numbers of people.