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    devise is not showing up on list


      I installed the software last night and downloaded a book from the public libary.  I could see the down on digital editions.  I just purchased the new simple touch nook.  I plugged in the nook and it did not show up under the bookshelve as an available devise.  Is it because this nook is so new to the market.  Please help.  I'm technology challeged. thank you

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          Nooks are not new to the market, so that's not the issue.  It's technology -

          your favorite subject - that needs adjustment.


          When you buy a Nook, you need to register it with B&N before you try to use

          it.  When you set up an account with B&N, your Nook will be updated with the

          latest software and a small registration file, which ADE uses when it tries

          to access it and link it up.


          Also, when you downloaded ADE, you should have done that from the Adobe

          website.  You would have set up an account with Adobe as well, and Adobe

          will authorize your copy of ADE for installation on your computer.


          You may not see anything displayed that will tell you what's going on for

          either of these setups, or you will see some technical mumbo-jumbo that

          tells you it's working.  In either case, that's the sequence you need to



          Next, you should follow a particular sequence to make sure that the two

          technologies talk to each other.  You need to turn on and plug your Nook

          into your computer first.  You can do that before you turn the computer on -

          or wait until it has started up.  When complete, your Nook should appear as

          a disk drive in your computer's list of devices.  For a Windows PC, you can

          display this by using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) to display

          all the devices, or by going from the START bar to My Computer, where you

          will see a Removable Storage device called 'Nook'.  You're halfway there

          now.  The computer recognizes the Nook and has that information available

          for ADE.  The Nook will display a message also, saying it's connected to

          your computer.


          Now start ADE.  As ADE starts up, it looks on your computer for any

          removable disk drives, and queries them.  If it finds a Nook that it

          supports, it will attach the Nook to ADE.  As it does so, ADE will figure

          out whether the device is 'authorized' or not.  If it is, then it will

          display the Nook in the Bookshelf display in Library mode.  If there is no

          registration file, ADE will ask you whether you want to authorize the Nook

          to ADE, and you can say 'yes'.


          As far as library books are concerned, some of them have publisher rights

          assigned that are more restrictive than others.  A publisher can choose to

          permit you to download an ebook for one device only, or for many.  For one,

          you'll have to read the ebook on your computer.  For many, you can download

          it to your Nook.  Be aware of this restriction in case you have a

          problem copying the library ebook to your Nook, once it's talking with ADE.


          When you finish transferring ebooks from ADE, you need to follow a process

          to disconnect.  First, disconnect the reader logically from ADE and your

          computer by 'ejecting' it.  You can do this from My Computer by

          right-clicking on the device, and picking 'Eject' from the drop-down menu.

          Or, you can go to the START bar in the lower right hand portion, and you'll

          see a 'Safely Remove Device' icon, which will disconnect the Nook.  However,

          the terminology that this icon displays is pure technical.  Just trust it -

          you'll be fine.  After you've ejected the device, your Nook should display a

          message saying that it's updating for new content.  When that message is

          done, you can unplug the Nook, and then shut down ADE on your computer.


          There's more - of course - but you should be able to get started from this

          stuff.  I hope it helps!



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            These are good step-by-step instructions.  Unfortunately for me, they do not work.  I registered my Nook. I set up ADE 4.0 on Windows 7. I wanted to install it on Windows XP, but apparently that can't be done.  I plugged in the device and started ADE.  It does not show the device and did not give me a chance to authorize it. The computer recognizes the device. Now what? Thanks.