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    Direct To Disk Capture From Two Sources?

    PProCS10 Level 1

      I was referred here from the Premiere forum regarding a feature of OnLocation.


      I've discovered I'm unable to use the audio recorded from my camera (Canon XL2) because of it being extremely noisy. I suppose I could put it in the shop to fix it and hope the noise goes away (which I've been told is really only 50/50 since direct-ins on cameras are likely to have this issue) but it's a moot point anyway because such a repair wouldn't be in my budget at this point anyway.


      So, my second option would be to go with an external interface (I'm looking at the M-Audio line) to take the audio directly into the PC and pull only the video in from the camera. However, this poses an issue with having to re-sync both the audio/video together later on, which is an extra step I'd like to avoid.


      My thought was that if I could record both the audio and video in real time (and at the same time) it would be created and saved together, thus avoiding having to sync anything later (unless there is an easy way to do this I'm not aware of).


      So my first question is this:


      I know OnLocation can capture direct to HDD as you film. Is there a way to set the camera as the video source but set the M-Audio interface as the source for the audio (which I'll connect a lav mic to via XLR cable).


      Any thoughts?

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          Not that I know of, I'm afraid.  You could  try capturing the audio through the PC's generic record utility through line in.


          The trouble with OL CS 5 is that it's VERY fussy about datarate.  Whilst CS4 was very happy to record onto a 7,200 HDD, CS5 causes frequent bottlenecks.  I had to buy an e-sata raid drive running Raid-0 to eliminate this.


          My point being, I don't know whether OL would manage to run in unison with anothr application.  In any case, you would have to re-sync.

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            Andrey V Level 2

            You will have to record audio separately on pc using Audition or some other soft, and video on Onlocation. if you what to go this route.

            However if you would use your mike and little audio switch board that would give you line out, then you can switch your camera XLRS to line In and use it

            which will give you much cleaner sound input then mike.


            You also asked about separately Audio recorded sync. There is a solution to that as well. Check out this software

            it offers a sync of an audio and as a little small app it works very good on any platform and for any editing application. It would be very nice if Adobe adapts this feature to their package of premiere and Audition.

            Also if you record one or more camera and want external audio recorded at the same time check this one out

            Something like that would nice to incorporate into OnLocation to make it top notch soft.