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    New analyst report: Android claims top spot in Developer Mindshare

    Matos Kapetanakis Community Member

      VisionMobile has launched Developer Economics 2011 - the definitive report on mobile developers, apps and brands going mobile.


      Here are some of the key insights from the full, 60-page report (available for free download at http://bit.ly/iLtnVh):


      · Mobile web as a platform has seen an impressive upturn in usage, and is now in third position in our Developer Mindshare Index. Android and iOS continue to   lead with 67% of developers currently using Android and 59% using iOS.

      · Nearly 40% of developers currently using Symbian and 35% of developers currently using Java ME are planning to drop the platforms.

      · Today, app stores are the primary go-to-market channel for 45% of mobile app developers across platforms.


      Read the full report for the hottest issues of app development, from app design and promotion to monetisation and user support. http://bit.ly/iLtnVh