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    Displaying Datagrid Rows Based on User Login Id


      Hey Everyone,


      So the problem I am having is that I am making a product configurator and when a user logs in I want to display there previous creations in a data grid so they can select edit or reorder them....the problem I am having is for some reason I can't get the designs to show up based on specific users...here is the process i am currently using in Flex 4.5


      I create 2 tables in the database (Users and Designs)

           the id for the design is based on the id of the user that created it


      In flex I create 2 php services

           -One generated from the users table for creating a new user for the configurator

           -The other one is generated from the Design table and I use the getAllDesigns(); to display the designs in the data grid


      All of the login info is validated through php files that are used by an httpservice call


      So my idea was to run an if statement to display the designs for specific user, something like this (i know the syntax isn't right this is just to get my idea accross


      Var designId = datagrid.row.id;

      (allready have userId var)


      if(userId != designId)


           row.visible = "false"



      I have tried many different approaches but cant get anything to work


      Any Ideas would be helpful


      Thanks In advance