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    OL CS5 crash/freeze when capturing HDV

    Jon-M-Spear Champion

      I was wrong when, in previous posts, I reported successful HDV capture from a Sony Z1. I was actually downconverting to SD  - and this continues to work well!


      However, I have now tried to capture HDV, and neither my laptop not workstation will handle it.


      Laptop  =  Dell Studio 1558:  i5, 4Gb Ram, ATI Radeson HD 4500 card and external e-sata Raid0.


      I get intermittent horizontal pixelated banding in the Field Monitor.  OL will go into record but soon crashes.  OL's crash dialogue box appears (ADVANCED_EXCEPTION_HANDLER) .  At no time do any memory bottleneck warnings appear, and the Win 7 Resource Monitor reported no unusual stress/strains on resources.


      Dell Precision Workstation; Xeon 5650 hex core; 12Gb Ram, Quadro FX3800 card and internal Raid0.  OL will not go into record.  When I click on the record buton, the application freezes.  It does not crash, nor does OL display any bottlenecl/resource warnings. I am able to close it, but I need to reboot before OL will display an image on the Field Monitor.  When OL is in the frozen state, the Win7 resource monitor is reporting ni unusual stress/ strains on resources.


      In both cases, this cannot be because hardware is under-spec'd, and in both cases a different firewire cable is used!


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Jon-M-Spear Champion

          Correction - the Adobe Crash Report message was EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION



          I have reinstalled OL CS4 and, so far, it appears to be working perfectly on the workstation - and crash-free.

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            Jon-M-Spear Champion



            The Blackmagic card seems to be the culprit with OL CS5.


            OL CS5 works correctly once the BM drivers are uninstalled.


            Looks like I'll stay with CS4, as it seems unaffected by installed BM drivers!


            Does anyone know whether the OL  that comes bundles with CS5.5 has fixed this?  The trial  version will not allow HDV capture.

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              Jon-M-Spear Champion

              This appears to be a problem with the OL CS4 4.04 update...


              I performed a clean install of Win 7 on my laptop and installed only OL from the CS4 suite.


              I ran OL CS4 and ignored prompts to update the application.  HDV capture from the Z1 ran flawlessly for over 6 hours.


              I set a restore point and then updated to version 4.03.  The pixelation/break-up and crashing returned immediately followwed by 3 IRQL not less or equal BSODs.


              Windows 7 Event viewer indicated possible issues with atikmdag.sys - so whther 4.03 updates this driver, only Adobe can tell me!!


              A disappointing endnote, restoring to my restore point did not revert back to a stable system.


              I'm clean installing Win 7 yet again  and will install CS5 without first installing CS4.

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                Jon-M-Spear Champion



                A clean install of Win 7 and CS5 OL also introduces the corruption/break-up.


                It would appear that this is a graphics driver issue that's introduced by Adobe from CS4 4.03 onwards.


                Does anyone from Adobe TS know the product well enough to comment?  Mark Mapes??


                Oh well, yet another clean install of Win 7 about to happen!

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                  Jon-M-Spear Champion



                  A false b****y dawn!


                  I was hoping to repeat the success I acheived yesterday with the clean Win 7 / OL CS4 - without the 4.0.3 update.  Yesterday this allowed OL to preform flawlessly.


                  Today, after repeating the process, I am back with pixelation/break-up.  So it appears that a series of coincidences are in force, and that 4.03 is not the only culprit.


                  Each time it crashes, there is an atikmdag.sys error in Event Viewer, although I do not know how to act upon the information.  I have loaded/unloaded latest ati drivers etc, etc, ad nauseum.


                  Here's a You Tube clip of the distortion



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                    Jon-M-Spear Champion

                    Incompatible GFX card.


                    Bummer, eh!