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    Publish a book on FLEX


      Hi, I'm planning to write a book on Flex and thus wanted to know Adobe's stand on it.. I guess Adobe will definetly promote on this. However, I wanted to know the DO's and DoNOT's for that matter. Thanks in advance..!! Regards, Hemant Garg

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          As far as I know, Adobe has no policies regarding this, and places no restrictions on discussing public information in whatever form you wish, which includes books (and blog posts, and screencasts, and podcasts, tweets, personal conversations, etc..


          There are plenty of books on Flex, and the Adobe Flash Platform ecosysetm.


          The only "don't" I can offer you is do not share or publish pre-release, or confidential information shared to you by Adobe (or any other party).


          Why would you expect Adobe to help you promote your book? Unless, it were being published through Adobe Press.