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    Video looks good, text does not

    lisaellensegal Level 1

      My video looks good, but the titles, Ariel  bold - 78 pt bold and 68 pt regular, white text on top of black bar set  at 50% opacity look lousy.  The text is not crisp and angular as it should be.  It  looks great on my monitor and when rendered to flv, but when rendered  mpeg-2 to dvd with the highest specs as instructed, it looks lousy.  In  fact, it  looks the same as when I rendered it with the default settings  to dvd.  Any suggestions?


      I just found this on the web, is this the best solution?


      "Never use premiere for effects, titles, ect. Use After Effects then render it to a  uncompressed animation clip - alpha settings selected. reimport to  premier lay it down and gaze at beauty. Compression is bad, premier  compresses everything it renders, the more you compress-layers, the more  degredation and pixelation"


      I posted the  Creative Cow message on the After Effects forum and was told to ignore  it.  I have rendered in so many different ways and configurations to  mpeg-2 and my titles that are 68 px and 78 px still look almost rounded  instead of angular and crisp.  Help....


      Thanks so much,



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I posted the  Creative Cow message on the After Effects forum and was told to ignore  it.


          That's good advice.

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            lisaellensegal Level 1

            Very funny, I thought that it was a little depressing.  I still have not totally solved my title issue.  I was using "white" white.  Other than that, I'm not sure why my text looked so nasty in mpeg-2.  My larger titles looked fine.  The 78 and 68 pt (px) looked rough.


            Any wisdom from you would be appreciated.


            Another strange thing, I used a short clip of  sd video my client furnished me with.  It was shot with a point and shoot camera.  When I exported as mpeg-2 to dvd, it had strange green artifacting on the top of it (I had to scale it up 178%).  I did not see this when exporting as flv or wmv.







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              digitlman Level 1

              Well first off i will start with mpeg2 dvd is ancient and horrible technology and always looks bad to me...  that being said what are your specific specs. If you have an hour or video or less then you should be encoding as 9mbit CBR and that is as good as your going to get.


              for all we know you could be trying to put 3 hours of video on a single layer dvd and using 3mbit data rate which will look very bad.


              there could be several issues, are your fields correct? reversed fields can make graphics look pixelated. what are you viewing your dvd on that makes it look so bad? i have noticed many hdtv lcd flat panels when given a SD DVD video look horrible.


              export a single still image of your text and view it in photoshop, then render out a mpeg2 version of your video and import it back into premiere and export a single frame of it also. then load them into photoshop and compare, you can composite them side by side and post a pic for us to see what you are describing and try to troubleshoot it for you.

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                lisaellensegal Level 1

                Thanks for the troublehshooting suggestions.  My video is only about 4.5 min long.  Would you use a different setting to author to dvd other than mpeg-2?  I will run the side by side test for additional help.


                Thanks again,