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    Flash CS5.5: Loading XML-file causes a "Security Sandbox Violation"

    sandros01 Level 1


      after upgrading from CS3  to CS5.5, i get a "Security Sandbox Violation" when loading a XML-file.  With CS3 everything was fine, but now my file is not working any more.  The XML-file and my SWF-file are stored in the same directory and it  nether work local nor on the webserver.


      I don't know the correct message in english, but flash tells me something like:


      "Security Sandbox Violation"

      access to file:[]data.xml disconnent - not allowed from file:[]myfile.swf


      Why  am I not allowed to load an XML-file from the same directory/domain any  more? And how can I get my data into my flash-File now?

      It  doesn't seems to be a Flash-Player-Problem, because an older version  with the same code still works. So the problem has to be located in  Flash CS5.5

      Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!