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    Premiere Elements freezing and closing after adding a Menu.


      I have been making movies with Premiere Elements for awhile now.  Ever since I started, I have had the same problem.  It would hang, and eventually close on me.  I then got the new version, PE8 a while back.  Unfortunately, I still had the same problem. 

      I made an entire video having trouble with the freezing problem.  But I put up with it and saved every few minutes.  Now I get to the end and made the Menu pages.  When I almost finished it, it closes on me.  I keep trying to go back into it, with absolutely NO success!  I have been dealing with this for a long time, so I am well aware of needing to turning off the internet and virus software with the realtime scanning.  I also have been manually closing everything I can in my startup menu. 

      Every so often I restart to see if that helps, but no help.  So, I have been looking at the conversations here for a while recently and have tried what I think is everything.  I made sure I had the updated version of Elements 8.  I updated everything, all the important and optional updates.  Made sure my graphics card was up to date.  I don't use QuickTime, but I updated it anyway.  I ran Disc Cleanup and Defrag.  I did the MsConfig disabling bonjour, apple mobile, ITunes, Reader.  I had it boot without GUI.  I even disabled the Windows Indexing feature.

      Even after all that, every time I open PE8, I gives me the warning message that it is running low on memory!  I don't know what else to do.  Please help.

      Now I know you all want to know what the details of my system are, so here it is.

      Dell XPS 420

      Windows Vista Home Premium

      Service Pack 2

      Intel Core Quad CPU Q9450 2.66 GHz

      4.00 GB Ram

      32 bit OS

      600GB Hard Drive

      207 Free disc space

      My graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series with the driver version 8.850.0.0  Dated 4/19/2011.

      I believe that is all that you need.  If I forgot anything, please let me know.


      Thanks for your help,  Sharon

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Thank you for that information.


          Can you also add details on your Assets, and on your Project Preset?


          I assume that the Menus are for a disc. Is this a BD, or DVD-Video?


          Have you also updated both QuickTime Player and your audio driver?


          How is your Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) managed? I assume that it is located on your single, physical HDD. Is that correct?


          Do any external HDD's figure into your setup?


          Thanks for that info, and good luck,



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            M$M7 Level 1

            I will try to answer all your questions.


            I downloaded the files directly from my camcorder.  I have a Sony DCR SR80 with a 60GB HDD. 

            I know I put the preset for a widescreen and HDD camcorder.  I can't check anything because as soon as I click anything when it is open, it closes on me.


            This is a DVD Video.


            I did update QuickTime and every other driver available.


            I only have 1 hard Drive.  I don't know how the virtual memory is managed.


            I do not have an external HDD.



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Only having one hard drive will mean that your computer will run SLOW, but that should not cause a shut-down


              Premiere Elements Hang/Crash http://forums.adobe.com/thread/792580?tstart=0
              Reset Preferences = Press/HOLD Ctrl+Alt+Shift while starting program
              Read Bill Hunt on BSOD http://forums.adobe.com/thread/772169?tstart=0
              Firewall = Crash http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/857/cpsid_85711.html

              My 3 hard drives are configured as... (WD = Western Digital)
              1 - 320G WD Win7 64bit Pro and all program installs
              2 - 320G WD Win7 swap file and video project files
              3 - 1T WD all video files... input & output files
              Search Microsoft to find out how to redirect your Windows swap file
              Trying to use only ONE Hard Drive for Video Editing
              You are a music conductor, with a baton that you use to point to various parts of the orchestra... this is like Windows pointing to various parts of the hard drive to do Windows housekeeping or to load program segments for various functions
              Now, at the same time and with the same hand... while still using the baton to conduct the orchestra... pick up a bow and play a fiddle... this would be doing something with your video file at the same time as all the other work
              You as a person cannot do both at the same time with the same hand
              A computer is a LITTLE better, in that it can switch from one kind of task to another very quickly... but not quickly enough for EASY video editing
              You need AT LEAST two hard drives (separate drives, never a partition http://forums.adobe.com/thread/650708?tstart=0 for more) with Windows (or Mac OS) and software on your boot drive, and video files on a 2nd drive so the boot drive is not slowed down by trying to do everything
              I find that the three drives I use work very well for me, for editing AVCHD video... some people use a 4th drive, so video INPUT files are on drive three and all OUTPUT files are on drive four... I only bought a mid-tower case instead of a full tower case (my bad... but had to fit in the space available on my office desk!) so I use the three drives that will fit
              Depending on your exact hardware (motherboard brand & model AND USB2 enclosure brand & model AND external hard drive brand & model) AND the type of video file, you may... or may NOT... be able to use an external USB2 hard drive for video editing
              Steve Grisetti in the Premiere Elements forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856208?tstart=0 and Jim Simon in the Premiere Pro forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856433?tstart=0 use USB externals for editing
              A USB3 hard drive connected to a motherboard with USB3 is supposed to be fast enough for video editing (I don't have such, so don't know) but eSata DOES have a fast enough data transfer for video editing... I have not used this eSata Dock... for reference only, YMMV and all the usual disclaimers
              http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-BlacX-eSATA-Docking-Station/dp/B001A4HAFS/ref=cm_cmu_pg_ t

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                M$M7 Level 1

                I was able to borrow an external hard drive.  It is a Cirago USB 2.0 High Speed 250 GB.  Now that I have this, how do I go about transferring everything I need over so I can complete my project?  In other words, I don't know what I need on this drive to free up my other system's memory.  And what can I leave on the other Hard Drive?


                Do I put Pre Elements 8 on the external with the movie files?  Or just the movie files?  If I move all of this, will my project move with it, or will I screw it all up?


                Thank you in advance for all of your help.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You do NOT EVER put software on an external drive... only data/video files


                  So you don't run the risk of losing anything, COPY your video files to a directory on the external, and then create a new project and point it to the files on the external


                  Although, as I said, only having one drive usually means SLOW operation, not a program halt... so I think you have some other issue you need to solve

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                    M$M7 Level 1

                    Is there anyway that I can get the program to look for the files on the external for the existing project?  I have a LOT of work into this project.  I DO NOT want to do this all over again!!!


                    I will do whatever I have to to get this done.  I will make it look for it one file at a time if I have to.


                    Thanks Sharon.

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                      Ted Smith Level 3

                      Just copy the external files to your hard disk to a folder of the same name and use them from there. You can change the PE settins to make it recognise the new drive letter.,

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        When editing to/from an external, there is one big consideration - the drive letter. One can permanently set that drive letter in the OS, so that regardless of when that external is plugged in, or turned on, it will always have the same drive letter.


                        In the case of an existing Project, migrated to an external, I would Copy over the Project file, the Scratch Disks, and all Assets to the external, in the same folder structure as they had on the internal.


                        I would then go back to the internal, and alter the root folder's name (say you have [Project Name] as your root, with all of your Scratch Disks and Asset sub-folders below that, just change the Project's folder name by maybe adding "_Original" to its name. Open your Project (PREL) from the external, and now, PrE will not be able to follow the original links to the Assets. It will ask, "Where is file _____?" All you have to do is locate one of the "missing" files, and PrE will then link to all others used in the Project, residing in that folder. If you have several folders, you will need to locate the first "missing file" in each of those folders. When you have located all files on the external, do a Save_As for that Project (so you do not overwrite the original, in case you ever have to go back), and edit.


                        When everything checks out, and you are able to edit, with the relocated Asset files, you can go back to the Project folder on the internal (do not do this until you know that everything is perfect!), and just Delete it, always editing the Project from the external.


                        For a bit more background, see this ARTICLE.


                        Good luck,



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                          M$M7 Level 1

                          Thank you Ted for answering my question.  I think you had it a little backwards, but I got the idea.  I did it, and it worked.  But unfortunately, it did not fix my problem.  At the time of your answer, I was experimenting with a lot of things.


                          Thank you

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                            M$M7 Level 1

                            Bill,  Thank you for that information.  It was very helpful.  I had done that with the external drive letter.  I had copied the project file and all movie files to the external.   After I did that, I went to the movie file folder and put a number 1 after it and PRE 8 wanted to know where everything was.  It worked great! ....... until I got the same error message about the memory running low.


                            I did a number of things trying to fix it with no success.  So as a last resort I made a new project.  In the original project, I saved a copy of it, then deleted the menu and all the movie clips but approx. 10min.  I saved it to the computer.  It worked.  I continued to do this with about 20 min. sections each until all of my movie was compiled on my computer.  Now all I have to do is piece the 6 files together in a different program that will actually work.


                            That way I didn't have to re-do my entire video all over again.  I am editing them right now, and it is working great!


                            Thank you all very much for all your help.  But I can see now that Premiere Elements in ANY version (I have used 2 now) is not computer friendly!!!!!!!!!!

                            The specifications on the box when you buy it say 1 thing, but obviously that is NOT true.  I love what the program can do, I just wish it could do it without so much headache.


                            Everyone here on the Forums have helped me so much and thank you.  I appreciate it a lot.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              I agree completely about the "Minimum System Requirements" stated on the Adobe Web site, and on the box. Many feel that those specs. are the bare minimum to install and run the program, but not much more. Much will depend on the Project in question, the Assets, and the many factors of computer tune (OS and hardware), that one has. I would love to see Adobe bump those requirements up to real-world specs. for doing a moderately large Project, however there is still the matter of the state of tune of the PC. The same holds for PrPro, as well - the specs. are not much more than for PrE, if they are different at all, other than the need for a 64-bit OS with CS5 & CS5.5.


                              Now, to help address the state of tune of the computer, this ARTICLE has several useful links down thread after some basic troubleshooting tips for PrE. Memory and Resources are multi-faceted, and many aspects come into play. The tips from those links cover many bases, but with the possible configurations and hardware, are never going to be complete.


                              Good luck, and I'm very glad that your Project is going well.