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    Text Fields Display Errors


      Hi All, I'm trying to implement some dynamic classic TextFields, but I am seeing errors when the text tries to render. What I am doing is trying to implement a system that shows tolkens and a cash eguivent, I'm using the code


      tolkenDisplay.text = String(numTolkens)


      var decValue:Number = numTolkens/100;

      currDisplay.text = "$" + decValue.toFixed(2);


      all of the internal stuff is correct but what is rendered is wrong...

      if numTolkens = 0

      tolkenDisplay.text = "0" -> Display shows nothing

      currDisplay.text = "$0.00" - Displays currectly


      if numTolkens = 100

      tolkenDisplay.text = "100" ->Display shows "1"

      currDisplay.text = "$1.00" ->Display shows "$.00"


      I'm thinking there is something in the TextField that is not set correctly, I tryed to set the autoSize to CENTER but that didn't fix much...


      Any Ideas?