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    Help understand Visual Communicator Live Streaming

    Macnimation Community Member

      Up to know I run live streaming through our Steaming server using FMS and Flash Media Live Encoder as we only needed one camera for live video feeds.


      We are looking at the ability now to use 2 live cameras and also the ability to snap in pre recorded video during live feeds and also provide lower third titles.


      I am looking at:


      Adobe Visual Communicator 3

      Wirecast 4



      All of these provide the possible live switching I need.


      I'm at the moment looking at the Trial version of Visual communicator and I am struggling getting my head around a few things.


      I can hook up 2 -3 Sony A1 HD cameras in SD no problem and running it though FMS is fine. During test streams clicking on the cameras using the mini switcher is straight forward.


      howevr I am struggling to work out how to do the following:


      Add prerecorded video clips to Camera 3? ( in the Setup Tab it says " No Camera found - please connect a camera or replace with Photo or video Clip) How do I replace with a Video Clip?


      How do I add premade titles, so that during the live feed I can put lower third titles in?


      Finally, How do Provide an intro looping video to play before the live feed starts?


      Any instructions would be appreciated