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    Another BUG in Acrobat 9.4.5 -- Find doesn't work


      I made the mistake of updating to the latest version Acrobat 9.4.5, and discovered that the Find feature doesn't work right.  For example, I enter a word to search in the "Find" box, and click return.  In past versions, the PDF would jump to the first instance of the term or phrase and highlight the word.  Now, the PDF jumps to the page, but doesn't highlight the word!  So... I'm stuck reading through text to find the word, which is a lot of extra work and time that I don't have. This is a critical problem because I search documents for terms all of the time in my job.  


      I've found one workaround that isn't very satisfactory, but it is better than nothing.  Instead of using "Find Next in PDF", I use "Open Full Acrobat Search" which is a command off the Find pull-down menu.  This command opens up a separate window, which is annoying because it disappears behind the document if you need to page through the PDF file. However, if I do the search, it shows all of the instances in a pane in the context of the sentence where it appears.  Then, if I click on the instance of the word in this pane twice (Yes, TWICE), it will highlight the word in the PDF. You cannot use the Find Next button as you could in previous versions, because this function will not highlight the word.  Anyway, given there are other bugs in this release that I've read about in this forum, I'll most likely just go back to the previous version and completely disable the automatic update feature in Acrobat.  I wish going back was a quick process, but I don't think it is.


      I'm also going to tell everyone in my circle of friends to avoid automatically updating Adobe Acrobat in the future. Adobe obviously doesn't test the software well. Wish I could charge Adobe for the time and frustration they've caused me!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When you find a bug, be sure to report it: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


          Posting here is helpful, but not the same.

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            I am having the same issue.  I did find out that it seems to not highlight the find object only on the first find.  If you keep hitting next or enter, it highlights 2nd, 3rd,...etc but not the 1st.  I am not sure if this is always true, it seems to be flaky.

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              David W. Goodrich Level 3

              Same problems here, same irritation at Adobe's wasting my time, same loss of confidence in their reliability.



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                I encourage EVERYONE to INUNDATE them with calls:


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                  Da Jemsta

                  I've just reported this bug at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform as suggested.

                  Let's see what the response time is (if any)?

                  40 mins and counting.

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                    MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Adobe doesn't respond to reports in the bug reporting form, unless they need more information to reproduce the bug.

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                      Da Jemsta Level 1

                      Thanks for the info.


                      I did get a response the next day albeit disappointing.


                      Basically to use Open Full Acrobat Search.


                      I’m finding an alternative (and free) PDF program much more stable and

                      useful at the moment

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                        FixitMAD1 Level 1

                        We have found the same problems here as well under our Windows XP - SP 3 systems. I found if you click on the search item "twice" then most of the time, the highlighted item will be shown. In otherwords, If I search for lets say "experience" and the Search pulls up a bunch of Results. If I click on the Results, Acrobat most of the time will not show the highlighted item.  If I click on the found item again, then Acrobat Pro v9.4.5 will show the highlighted item. I do not understand why there are these quirky issues now after I have been waiting for several fixes from Adobe.


                        I would in the meantime, have your users click each of the found Search Results twice in order to see where this item is located. Hopefully Acrobat will Fix this annoying feature soon.



                        Acrobat Pro v9.4.5 still has issues opening multiple PDF's on the same screen. It appears they removed this function recently and I wish Acrobat would bring it back.



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                          FixitMAD1 Level 1

                          I should mention that this problem was listed previously under http://forums.adobe.com/thread/872729?tstart=60 as well.   Adobe is aware of the issue and one of the workarounds suggested is clicking on the search item twice as I had indicated previously.



                          Just wanted to let you know that this has been addressed to Adobe and Adobe is working on a fix for this.



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                            Dainiel Ivar

                            This has been a known bug for a month.  It's a major problem at my law firm, where people routinely use the Find feature to find particular terms throughout a long PDF (they want to see the term where it is located in the document; they don't want a list of every instance of the term).  When is Adobe going to fix this?  It worked in prior versions, what is so hard about fixing it in this version?  My "workaround" for users who complain is to uninsall the 9.4.5 version, then reinstall a lower version, all of which takes 20 minutes or more per user.  Adobe, please step up to the plate and get this fixed!

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                              MassNerd Level 1

                              This problem may not be specific to 9.4.5. Acording to my help dialog box, I'm at version 9.0.0 (Pro Extended) and I'm experiencing this problem.


                              I wonder if there was a Windows patch pushed down that is causing this behavior in Acrobat.

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                                AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                     The Acrobat 9.4.5 update bugs where the first "hit" on each page is not highlighted when doing a Find/Search and no longer being able to use Shift & Ctrl on the Pages pane thumbnails to multi-select and move/delete pages are well reported by many to have been introduced coincident with the Acrobat 9.4.5 release and not a MS Windows update.  I'm not sure what is going on with your 9.0.0 Pro Extended.

                                     For seasoned Adobe to break such commonly used features in Acrobat 9, never have regression tested these basic functions given the 3 month (or longer) release cycle, and not have broke it in Acrobat X doesn't reflect well on their development/test process.  Then, there are web forum recommendations prodding to upgrade to Acrobat X -- which completely changed the User Interface and will result in significant loss of productivity while bridging the learning curve and dealing with new functional/compatibility problems.  Furthermore, it is something how OCR Suspects are never found/flagged in Acrobat 9, and then were finally fixed in Acrobat X (forcing the need for a paid upgrade to get a bug fix and have to relearn the interface to boot).   
                                     Adobe's poor quality 9.4.5 release update does me more harm than good when considering other settings to improve Acrobat security (turning off Java-Script, not automatically trusting sites from the Win OS security zones, and not allowing the opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications under the Edit menu - Preferences).  Adobe has made no official commitment to fix its bugs or provide a release date in the 10+ weeks since the awful 9.4.5 code was thrown over the fence to unsuspecting auto-update customers without any practical/simple way to back it off to 9.4.4 -- even though in all probability it will take the programmer one day each to fix the bugs with some additional time to test/release).  It is interesting that there have been no critical Acrobat security issues (as evidenced by no Out-Of-Cycle releases since 9.4.5), which should mean their programmers have more time to fix these bugs and restore stable functionality in 9.4.6.  As for "not being able to use Shift & Ctrl directly on the Pages pane thumbnails to move pages" (another 9.4.5 bug), the circumvention to drag a window around a group of pages, hold down Shift, and drag a window around a second group of pages should be further clarified with the following: Once your blue highlighted contiguous/non-contiguous pages selection is made, be sure to drag a thumbnail graphic directly to move the selection and don't try to drag the blue shaded perimeter area (which results in clearing the blue highlighting).  This does provide a decent circumvention for that bug -- as compared to the cumbersome "Full Acrobat Search - Advanced Search Options - double-clicking each Result line" circumvention for the Find/Search first "hit" non-highlighting bug.  I implore Adobe to listen to your customers and please take a "do no harm" conservative approach to updates/enhancements in the future.

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                                  Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

                                  So sorry you are encountering this but. We're hoping to fix this in a quarterly update (9.4.6) currently scheduled  for September 13, 2011.


                                  (updates are announced via this blog http://blogs.adobe.com/psirt/)


                                  One suggested workaround is:


                                  1)      Do a CRTL + F to bring up the Find window.

                                  2)      Click on the dropdown and choose Open Full Acrobat Search.

                                  3)      Click on the Search button in the Search panel on the left.

                                  4)      For the first search result on each page, you will have to click the search result twice to see the highlighted word. You can then click each additional search result once to see the following highlighted word on the same page.  The same procedure applies in reverse as you work up (instead of down) the list of search results.

                                  5)      It will bring up a list of all the instances of the word on that page.


                                  Provided by user: Greene.r


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                                    Dainiel Ivar Level 1



                                    Thank you very much for the update.  I will look forward to the fix.  The Full Search workaround isn't a solution for our users, they need to see the "found" word in context within the document as they scroll down the pages, not in a list.


                                    Related enhancement request:  It would be great if there was a way to find and (yellow) highlight all instances of a word in the PDF in the same operation (similar to the way this can be done in Word 2007).  Right now we have to highlight each word manually, one at a time.



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                                      AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                      Yes, thank you Kelly for the 9.4.6 update and sharing the PSIRT blog URL.  I'm "hoping" that Adobe's "hoping" to fix these 2 bugs on 9/13/2011 comes to fruition seeing how all of us have been living with these Acrobat 9.4.5 bugs for almost 11 weeks now.  I took your post to imply that the bug fixes were announced to be corrected in 9.4.6 on the PSIRT blog, but I don't see that there anywhere.  Am I missing something?  Best regards.     

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                                        Kelly-Mc Level 3



                                        The update won't be listed on the blog until it's released.




                                        You can fill out a feature request here:


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                                          For us, these are MAJOR bugs (find - no highlight on new page + select page print range with shift+click does not work ).

                                          We use these functions intensively (like another law firm I saw in the thread).


                                          I found this site because I wanted to know whether others were experiencing the same problem.


                                          Now I have confirmation and regret that I have updated to 9.4.5....


                                          Adobe should fix this as soon as possible, otherwise there will be many, many unhappy customers!



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                                            hcrc Level 1



                                            This morning I was prompted to install the newest release of Acrobat 9 Professional, version 9.4.6


                                            Thankfully the find highlighting bug has been fixed!


                                            Curiously the Release Notes (see http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/837/cpsid_83708/attachments/Acrobat_Reader_ReleaseNote_9.4.6_8.3. 1.pdf ) do not mention this bug being fixed.

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                                              Da Jemsta Level 1



                                              About time too.


                                              My faith is (partially) restored (at least for the time being).