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    Ideas section dead?

    boudewijndanser Community Member

      I think there is such great potential for the ideas section on labs.
      There are great ideas from users all over the place.
      The only thing that is lacking is any form of feedback, a reply, something, anything from Adobe...

      You can see if an idea is pending, but that's about it.

      This is what the welcome page says:



      wHelp us improve our technologies for you.

      Adobe Labs Ideas is a place for the community to suggest and discuss new and exciting functionality for Adobe technologies. Post your own ideas or review and vote on ideas submitted by the community. The Adobe development teams will review all submissions and use your collective input to prioritize feature requests and help shape future versions of products.


      It would be nice to get some feedback on that help wich users are providing.
      Something simple, a comment like this in the idea: "Hey -username-, thanks! We did some tests and we're (most likely) going to implement it in the next version." Or maybe: "Sorry that's not likely to happen because it recuires a lot of (technical stuff...) and we dont have that, etc. etc.

      Or: "Could you explain in more detail how that would work? Because it sounds like something we're working on allready..."


      People are making screenshots, photoshopping in new functions, really helping out.
      I personally think that deserves some public feedback.