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    PDF/X-4 Device Colour Space inconsistency issue or not

    Didier H. Level 1

      Hi all,


      If a deviceRGB image is lying completely outside of trim and bleed, and the PDF/X output intent is set to CMYK, should a preflight flag this as an error according to ISO1590-7:2010 or not? I have tools that currently do this. If I read chapter of ISO 15930-7:2010, I'm not really sure that is what these preflight app's should do:


      Device colour spaces may be used for print elements only if:

      ⎯ they match the space specified in the PDF/X output intent; or

      ⎯ the PDF/X output intent specifies a CMYK print characterization, and the device colour space is DeviceGray.


      All input to help me solve this puzzle is more than welcome.