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    Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder

    Neher5 Level 1

      In Reader 9 after using CTRL+SHIFT+S to save a downloaded PDF all subsequent PDFs were saved went to the same folder of my choice till I changed where to save them.


      In Reader X (version 10.0.1, downloaded Sunday 27 Feb) they are sent to UserName>AppData>Local>Microsoft>Windows>Temporary Internet Files>Low>Content.IE5>LE2HGZ7X - or another similar folder of Reader X's choice.


      That's quite a distance in clicks from where I'd like to keep the file, which is in UserName>Documents>Cuttings.


      Is there a way to make Reader X remember my preference for the latter folder, as it did in version 9, please?


      Looking forward to any suggestions,

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          ANewspaperPlace Level 1

          We are having the exact same issue.  Is there anyway to use the Adobe Reader 9 settings to save in the same folder of a user's choice?

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            Larry (Ak) Level 1

            This problem is a constant annoyance.  No, belay that -- it's a constant interruption of my workflow.


            A related problem in Reader X is that each time I do a save as I need to make an additonal click to choose between saving in pdf or txt format.  In Reader 9, the File menu provided both choices for the initial click.


            Adobe, please give us back the functionality of Reader 9 for the Save As operations.

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              plb66 Level 1

              We are experiencing the same problems(issues).  This is longer process to do what took a short time with the previous version.

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                Larry (Ak) Level 1

                Can someone from Adobe please respond to this issue?  The problem is a constant and aggravating annoyance. Earlier versions did not have this problem.

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                  Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



                  Could you please explain what exactly is the process that you are following.

                  As far as I could understand, you are saying that after opening any file in IE and upon subsequently saving it (using Ctrl + Shift + S), the default path shown is something else and not what you had used earlier.

                  Please correct me if I am wrong.




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                    plb66 Level 1

                    That is correct – prior, we could place it from E-fax to the dept folder we needed and could also copy it to otber folders from there, now we have to go to the E-fax folders and place it in one folder then go out and go to the e-fax folder we placed it in and copy to the other folders we need it in.

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                      Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                      I am really sorry, but am still not able to get the gist of your problem. Could you please explain the same in a more detailed way.


                      Also, could you please try updating to the latest version of Adobe Reader i.e. version 10.1.1 if you have already not done so.

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                        Larry (Ak) Level 1

                        Hi Ankit,


                           Here is a step by step for what happens in my workflow.  (1)  I open a pdf file that I found on the web. It loads into Adobe Reader, and want to save the file.  (2) I always save such files in the same folder (the folder is not My Documents, but this fact is not of consequence, as you wll see). (3)  In Adobe Reader I click File | Save As. Reader gives me a menu choice of PDF or Text, and I click PDF. (4) The screen then displays the Temporary Downloads directory of  my web browser (my browser is Opera). I do not want to save any pdf files in this directory. (5) I click the favorite folders button on that directory display, pick my usual downloads folder, and then click  the Save button.


                        Then a few minutes later when I want to save another pdf file that I found on the web, I have to go through all of these steps again. Adobe Reader does not remember what directory I have used for downloads, nor does it have a Preferences choice to set one or more user-specified preferred download directories.


                        The fact that Reader consistently wants to save to a browser's TEMPORARY directory as the default choice is a huge problem. If a user is in a hurry inadvertently saves there, the file will be lost when the browser is closed. Earlier versions of Reader used a user's pre-set download folder preference as the default, and remembered the last folder used during a session if the user made a save to a different folder. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE.


                        In addition, the need for an additional click in step 3, to choose whether to save a pdf as text or a pdf is ridiculous.  Earlier versions of Reader provided both of those choices as seperate lines on the File menu.  This saves the user a step, which as it is now must be repeated over and over in sessions when many pdfs are beng saved from the web.


                        Thanks for your interest in refining what the problem is. Are you affiliated with Adobe?

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                          steam_engine13 Level 1

                          Just want to add my voice to this. Larry has spelled it our very well.

                          I have tried 10.1.1 - problem is still there.



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                            tbower34 Level 1

                            I am seeing the same in 10.1 also.   



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                              tbower34 Level 1

                              I wanted to add some additional information that maybe helpful for support.


                              If someone from Adobe is readling this thread,  please note this issue  occurs on Windows XP Pro SP 3.  It also applies to saving a pdf from MS-Outlook 2007 as well as from a web browser.   Needless to say this is inconvient for the users and frustrating for those of us in a support role,  as their appears no fix is present, or if it is the solution is not easily findable.    If we the end user support could hearing something from a true Adobe support person would be greatly appreciated,  additionally this would also enhance customer satisification.




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                                AnnoyedIX Level 1

                                Just spent a half an hour researching this very issue and found this thread.  Registered with Adobe just to voice my support on the topic. 


                                It seems so simple, but these Save As issues (1. No ability to preset destination folder; 2. No ability to preset file type; 3. Having to go through menu subsets just to select file type) is having a tremendous negative impact on workflow.


                                I am happy that Adobe is including extra tools and abilities to help one convert PDF's, but shouldn't saving a downloaded PDF as a PDF be the primary and/or easiest function of Adobe Reader?!? 



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                                  windsorwayner99 Level 1

                                  Stumbled upon this the same way AnnoyedIX did. I noticed that there were a number of old PDF files saved in this temporary folder that I wanted to delete. I have not found a way to locate the temporary folder other than when saving a PDF file. Only then can the files be deleted one at a time. Quite a pain since I do not want to keep these files on my hard drive.

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                                    LockShot Level 1

                                    Go to: Edit>Preferences>Documents(category)>Save Settings(on the right) and uncheck "Automatically save document changes to temporary file every: __ minutes (1-99).


                                    I just tried it and it now saves new documents wherever I saved my last one.


                                    By default, if you have a .pdf open, it saves a copy in the Temp Folder. Once it's saved the temp copy there, Acrobat stupidly thinks that's where the file should live and tries to save future copies (i.e. when you tell it to save a copy) there as well.

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                                      LockShot Level 1

                                      Scratch that. The issue I'm having is when I open up a .pdf mail attachment in outlook and want to save it to my desktop. Even after I did the above fix, it still tries to save new copies into my outlook temporary folder.


                                      It seems that Adobe's lack of designating a default "save-to" location puts it at the mercy of the location of Outlook's "secure temporary folder"

                                      "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKfoldername"


                                      Adobe, please add a "default save-to" folder option! For example, I'd love to be able to click: File>Save As>PDF and have the default save location be my desktop every time regardless of the current location of the .pdf I have open. It would be ever cooler if I could pick between the current location or my default location with a simple pulldown or button.


                                      Message was edited by: LockShot

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                                        Ernosh Level 1

                                        We seem to have the same problem here. We have tryed to fix it, but nothing helped. Please provide a solution Adobe!


                                        It doesn't matter from what location the document is opened, it doesn't hold a primary save location.

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                                          cr00zng@gmail.com Level 1

                                          There isn't much to say on this subject, but this...


                                          I'd like to pay a visit to the developers' house who developed the Reader X program and rearrange their kitchen. Move the coffee machine under the sink, the coffee cups in the oven, the silverware to the bottom draw, etc. The changes would be permanent and the residents cannot relocate these items for security reasons. Every year or so revisit the place and play musical chairs with these items without the possibility that the residents being able to modify the settings. And for good measure, do the same with the closets as well...


                                          At least the developers would know how the end users feel...

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                                            DMLinHouston Level 1

                                            If you are downloading a pdf from the Internet, go to the preferences for the server application. For Firefox, click on Firefox in the menu bar, scroll down to Preferences, and a window will pop up. You will see the word Downloads. Click SAVE files to and browse until you find the folder you want all the pdfs to go to. That folder will automatically open up when you go to save a pdf that you have opened. BTW: I have been choosing the OPEN option on the pdfs rather than the Download option.


                                            I am guessing the routine is similar for Safari.


                                            Good luck.

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                                              Larry (Ak) Level 1

                                              I think I understand what you are doing, but that would only work if you are view the pdf inside the browser.  When I click a pdf in a web site I have it load in Adobe Reader directly.  That is why the problem occurs.  Viewing pdfs in a browser drives me even more nuts than the problem discussed here (which didn't occur in earlier versions of Reader).


                                              Thanks for you help, though.  Truly appreciated.

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                                                agentboinker Level 1

                                                Bump...... I'm getting complaints here at work about this same issue, they're opening pdf's from outlook and having same issue as lockshot's.... Please fix! its driving everybody nuts

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                                                  jcavalear Level 1

                                                  I think I just found a workaround for one of the problems here. When trying to save a PDF attachment in Outlook you always get prompted to save to the Outlook temporary folder time after time. If you display the message in the reading pane of Outlook by clicking on it once you can then go to the File/SaveAs/Save Attachments option in Outlook and that will bring you back the the previous place you saved your last item to. Not a perfect fix but saved me a bunch of time, hope it helps.

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                                                    Am_Sham Level 1

                                                    Why have no employees from Adobe come back and acknowledged this issue? I always assumed Adobe customer support was helpful, but they come and ask for more information and then completely bounce? 


                                                    Please come back and help us figure out a fix for this.  It's completely unacceptable that this issue has been ignored for so long without even a response as to why this is unable to work for us, or that it'll be fixed on the next update, nothing.  Nothing at all. 

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                                                      woodyxpd Level 1

                                                      HEEEEELLLPPPP !!!

                                                      ANSWER THE QUESTION ADOBE!



                                                      Ive got a customer asking, he saves several pdf's from emails every day and has to change the patch each time, a verrrry old version of adobe reader on another computer keeps the path the same as the last last saved but the newer one doesnt, typing or clicking to a destination is a pain in the rear end especially when its something like 40 files

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                                                        woodyxpd Level 1

                                                        I wouldnt mind as much if adobe would reply and say they wont be fixing this, rather than just ignore us

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                                                          mc3012 Level 1

                                                          I have a similar problem.  When I try to save as, it defaults to a temporary folder.  Then, in Win 7, I click libraries, documents and then instead of showing the folders in documents it shows all the pdfs in documents.  Then I have to go to the c drive, desktop wherever and then navigate to the folder.  This is very ANNOYING!  I don't think this is a setting in Win 7 and btw, I too am viewing a file that I opened from the web in adobe pro X.

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                                                            Excelguru7 Level 1

                                                            "Recent Places"  helps!

                                                            After reading everyone's frustration that mirrored mine, I discovered a short cut that has saved me many clicks as sometime I have to save up to 30 files a day from Outlook.  On the first file, I have to start at the beginning, at the tempory file and create my path.  On the second file, when I select save file > PDF, When the next window pops up, I select "Recent Places" on the upper left of that window and that takes me to the folder that I saved the prior file in.  Sometimes I do have to click on the date to make sure the most recent is the top line.  Hope this helps everyone.

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                                                              PeterW3 Level 1

                                                              I found this problem when I first upgraded to X as soon as it came out. At that time there were no discussions about it so I gave up and reverted back to v9. I'm still using v9 happily and checked on Google to see if this problem had been fixed. I really assumed it would have been addressed by now. Hard to believe they haven't! Come on Adobe, get this sorted. I won't be moving off v9 until you do.

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                                                                donb1965 Level 1

                                                                I had the same issue, a user that was getting emails with attatchments in outlook 2007, particuarly PDF files, and when he doubleclicked on the pdf attatchment in the email Adobe Reader X would come up.  After editing the file he'd do a File-->SaveAs and it would default to the outlook temp folder default folder of c:\documents and settings\userlogin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.outlook\7CG123ABC  (or whatever folder name), and he wanted it to be a different directory.  The workaround I eventually used that didn't appear to have much side effects that I can see is to update his profile in the registry with the new folder name. 


                                                                It appears to cause any attatchment that you open from outlook to change the save as directory from what I can tell.   Hope this helps.

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                                                                  Larry (Ak) Level 1

                                                                  Hi Don,


                                                                      Thanks.  That may work for one limited situation (using Outlok), but is  there a similar way to change the profile for Reader itself in the registry?   That would be a uniiveral fix.

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                                                                    TonyHeslington Level 1

                                                                    Same problem here.  Save a copy would return the last save location.  Save as does not.  Feature downgrade! 


                                                                    Adobe - FAIL!

                                                                    • 31. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                      TonyHeslington Level 1

                                                                      Foxit PDF reader, anyone?

                                                                      • 32. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                        cornflower_blue Level 1

                                                                        Bizarre response from Adobe.


                                                                        I am also having this problem.  I want an easy to find option to select default save locations for my working files.




                                                                        A decent explanation from Adobe on why that might be technically non-feasible.

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                                                                          Minashiro Level 1

                                                                          Reader 10.1.3, haven't found the solution to this either.


                                                                          To Adobe staff: the issue here is that "Save As -> PDF" in ReaderX uses by defaul the same folder, that the document was opened from. So, if I open it from Outlook E-mail, for example, save dialog will show me Outlook temp files folder and I will have to go all the way up to the folder, that holds all my pdf documents, every time I open up PDF file and want to save it for later.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                            Williams Schlegler Level 1

                                                                            Hey people!  I had the same problem and I noticed on this forum that no one had an answer!

                                                                            I don't know if Adobe is supposed to answer these questions/problems?  You would think they cared but . . . So here goes with what my techie side found . . . And please note that I don't know if this will help others, but here goes: 


                                                                            1) On the webpage I selected on a Save Results under a toolbar to "Save As":  .pdf

                                                                            2) Webpage Dialog box appears with:  Select Report Format = pdf 

                                                                            3) Checkbox is already checked for: Save in Local

                                                                            4) Everything is fine so, click 'OK'

                                                                            5) Down at the bottom of the screen appears to be an Adobe message box: "Do you want to open or save "reportname.pdf (3kb) from "website.org"?" Buttons available:   "open" ,  "save " (dropdown arrow) , "cancel"

                                                                            6) Click on Save V's dropdown to show: "Save" , "Save As"

                                                                            7) Click "Save As"

                                                                            8) Screen advances to the previous "Save As" Location that I wanted, NOT Temporary Files!


                                                                            Obviously Adobe had changed something in the newest update to alter the "Save As" location.

                                                                            Neither the "Save" button nor the disk icon to "Save" are available now.  It may be possible that the browser (Windows explorer 9) has been told to save all data from the web to the 'Temporary File' folders.  But again I did not make any changes that I recall and Adobe pdf is the only one that appears to be affected (saving to Windows Office files works fine).  So play with the options you have on the web end and hopefully you can find something that works like I did!  Good luck!

                                                                            • 35. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                              kaybee2010 Level 1

                                                                              Ok, someone must have come up with a fix for this by now?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Williams' reply above did not make sense to me.  I have a huge project coming up and will have to save literally hundreds of .pdf documents and this issue is going to make it so much more time-consuming.  How do I change back to v9??

                                                                              • 36. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                                Minashiro Level 1

                                                                                kaybee, gor for a downgrade to 9.xx version in that case. There is other solution to this yet.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                                  Minashiro Level 1

                                                                                  *no other solution

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                                    Larry (Ak) Level 1

                                                                                    V-9 had the same problem.  Besides that, if you go back to earlier versions there will be securiity holes that have been fixed since then.  The only viable solution is for Adobe to recognize the problem. and fix it 

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Reader X : change 'Save As' default folder
                                                                                      Joey Dubé Level 1

                                                                                      I got the same problem.

                                                                                      Adobe staff should take a look at this.

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