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    Cannot return (keyboard) focus to Photoshop (requestStateChange doesn't work)

    Anastasiy Safari Level 2



      When I’m using CSXSWindowedApplication on Windows  it seems the focus always belongs to Photoshop so it’s not a big  problem. While on Mac the focus belongs to the active panel and   CSXSInterface.getInstance().requestStateChange(StateChangeEvent.WINDOW_LOSE_FOCUS,   null) seems not working  at all.


      Gabe Harbs recommended to use the app.activate method on  previous forums - like in InDesign, but there's no such method in  Photoshop's app class and also the problem is in de-activation.


      How can I return back focus to Photoshop (to allow keyboard shortcuts etc.)?



      Thank you!


      P.S. I tried to use Application instead of CSXSWindowedApplication - the situation with it is the same. The focus is not being returned to Photoshop (on Mac).