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    onPress and Text Link ERROR


      Hello guys. I am new to Flash and would like some help from you guys. I would really appreciate it. Thanks,


      So, here is the problem.


      My friend has created a flash navigation bar for me. Since I can not add links here, huhtea is the address with com.


      Now, I would like to add text links and onPress (getURL) for images in my submenu.


      I have tried all kinds of things. I have watched numerous youtube clips on this matter.


      After adding onPress codes in Actionscript 1.0 & 2.0 and checking them, everything was fine. But if I publish it, the image does not go to the URL.


      This goes for the text link as well. After highlighting the text and adding http address in the properties, everything is fine. But again, published file does not lead me to the URL.


      Can someone please help me out?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I look at the page code of the page you say to look at, I'd say your problem lies there, and possibly in the flash file as well.  I see one url in that page that targets a local drive, which is not going to work...




          So it is possible you have other such links in your Flash file.  I am not able to find the swf's in that page code, and seeing as how it indicates something in the way of Yahoo Site Builder being used, there could be any number of problems in trying to go that route.


          What does the getURL code look like in your Flash file?  If you are using relative links, that might be related to the problem, especially if the Flash file is in a different folder than the web page.