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    Help fixing XML/InDesign layout


      Hi everyone,


      I've been slamming my head into the wall that is InDesign/XML for far too long. Can anyone here offer me some guidance?


      I'm trying to generate a catalog of books with XML and InDesign.


      Here is a screenshot of the XML structure:

      Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 4.03.34 PM.png

         Note: The XML has been simplified for [hopefully] enhanced readability. I assure you the actual nodes are properly closed.


      • The catalog has many subjects
      • The subject contains one page for featured books (editions).
        • The featured page can contain one, two, or three featured editions. Each case has its own master page.
      • The subject also contains multiple non-featured editions (all_editions) There is one master page for all editions.


      Here is a screenshot of the three_feature_edition master page story editor:

      Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 4.23.14 PM.png

      Note: The above would be repeated to accommodate all three featured editions.


      There are two ways to import the XML: Append and Merge. Each presents its own set of problems.


      • Merge( with option Delete elements, frames, and content that do not match imported XML):
        • Tagged content in master pages that aren't used in the first subject is erased.
        • Ex: If the first subject has one_featured_edition then two_featured_edition and three_featured_edition master pages are emptied.
      • Merge( without option Delete elements, frames, and content that do not match imported XML):
        • All master pages remain intact, except each subject contains every edition in the XML file (not just editions for that subject)
      • Append
        • All returns and frame/column breaks specified in master page are ignored, so content from each node is ButtedRightAgainstOneAnother.


      At this point I feel like I'm closest to achieving what I need with the append method.


      What do I need to do to keep the breaks/returns intact? You can see in the story editor screenshot where I have placed the break characters


      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.