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    Can't install Adobe Reader for Android on my Tablet


      Hi everyone,


      I purchased lately a Binatone HomeSurf Tablet running on Android. I wanted to install Adobe Reader on it. I downloaded it all right, but when I wanted to install it on the Tablet, I got the message "impossible to install Adobe Reader on this phone"


      Is there anything I can do to make Adobe Reader run on my tablet ?


      Thanks in advance,


      Eric, from Belgium...

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          You are lucky you can download it. My problem with my C

          ruzMicro T301 Tablet PC running Android 2.2 is that

          Adobe's website doesn't appear to ackowledge my device at all. I cannot download apps from adobe's website, I have tried to download it to my computer then unpack it to my tablet via a USB hookup that was successfull however it wouldn't install and was missing the .apk file wich is needed to run the program. I have looked at several .pdf readers and found none that will install on my tablet including this one so i am wondering what the deal is? How hard is it to make a universal android .pdf reader?

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            Vaibhav Padlikar Community Member

            In case you don't have access to Android Market or if your device is not in network , here is another workaround to install Adobe Reader on your device.


            You can get the ".apk" file on your desktop computer from ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/android/10.x/10.1.0/ .  After you get the "AdobeReader.apk" ,  copy it to your device using the USB cable.Once the apk file (installer file) is copied to your device , you could browse to it using any file explorer and install Adobe Reader.


            Hope this helps you to install Adobe Reader.




            Adobe Reader Team.