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    enforcing p2p only connections

    adam+k Level 1

      is there a property i can set somewhere to restrict my LCCS app to only p2p connections?  since the FMS connection incurs cost, i'd like restrict my app to p2p connections only.


      and to that end, is there a port or range of ports that a firewall should set open to make p2p connections most likely?  any recommendations on ports/ips/hostnames that should be whitelisted on a firewall to ensure that a p2p connection can be established?


      thanks in advance.

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          Raff. Adobe Employee

          see my response to DrAlexGor post: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/868922?tstart=0


          again, best way to learn about p2p and connectivity with rtmfp  is to consult the documentation for FMS 4.x


          Regarding restricting access to rtmfp only, we don't really support that because we want to guarantee that you can always connect independently of the network. You can always listen for the connection success and close the connection if it's not RTMFP.

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            Pablo P. Level 1

            I think that you can set requireRTMFP = "true" in <rtc:AdobeHSAuthenticator />


            I don't understand what's wrong with forcing users to use RTMFP.

            It will be nice if the service also allow us to do so on the room level so we can prevent unpredictable costs.

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              Raff. Adobe Employee

              Actually with the current version we always try rtmfp first and fallback to rtmps if we can't connect.


              Yes, we could add yet another option that says "don't try rtmps" but then you'll have users that would not be able to connect and wouldn't know why.

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                adam+k Level 1

                raf: i see what you mean, but it wouldn't be difficult to leave it up to the developer to pop up a message for the user, explaining the situation.


                many of my clients have been asking me for this exact feature.  they want to warn them that connecting hub to spoke will incur cost, so the user must explicitly agree to that cost. 


                it also provides an opportunity for the user to improve their experience - we can let them know that they should open up some ports to allow a p2p connection.

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                  Pablo P. Level 1

                  @raf doesn't requireRTMFP work?

                  Can I make sure clients won't be able to connect at all without RTMFP?

                  I agree with adam, our client can't afford paying for RTMP connections so we have to force our users to use RTMFP.


                  As I see it, you provide us with the technology and framework and it's up to us to use it and provide the best user experience.

                  If a user can't connect, it's my job to explain him why and help him use my app.

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                    Me too would love to see some built in prompt for this so that I can require users to open those ports.


                    Kind of like the Windows firewall exception popup as explained here:




                    Flash can already prompt for access to user camera and user audio, why couldn't it prompt for opening ports?