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    33 Essential Features

    Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1
      • 1. INNER SHADOW is necessary.

      • 2.  FREE DISTORT : It should have center point like path so that we can  select center point to select complete object & can move it point by  point with ARROW keys, & also could be select able any  point/corner/angle & can move that point/corner/angle with Arrow Keys

      • 3.  FEATHER BRUSH TOOL : If we have applied FEATHER EFFECT on any path or  object after applying FEATHER EFFECT, use the FEATHER BRUSH TOOL to  lessen the softness of object's/path's any side by pressing ALT KEY and  without ALT KEY it should intensify the softness of the object's/path's any side & also center, Feather Brush Tool's pressure setting should be included in brush preferences.

      • 4. ILLUSTRATOR is incomplete without BAR CODE tool/Panel for press/print able graphics.

      • 5.LIVE  MESH GROUP, Mesh tool should work like live paint group ( I mean create  all lines with Pen/brush/pencil tools then convert those lines into  Live mesh group that option will be new in CS6 in Object menu under the  live paint group so that people can understand & use mesh easily  & fast for saving time ).

      • 6 . PANEL ICONS Should be Attached under or above the tool Bar but not on Right or Left Side only ( like Indeign CS2 ).

      • 7.  EFFECT, GRAPHICS STYLE, BRUSH style/type, Object's/Path's width &  Height percent % & SYMBOL option should be included in MAGIC WAND  PANEL under the blending mode & also under the select menu in same's  sub menu.

      • 9. Angled Gradient should be included Gradient Panel. & also global Gradient swatch should be made.

      • 10. Appearance Panel ( Add New Text & Add New Symbol options should be included in sub menu under the Add New Fill & Add New Stroke ), Text ( fonts ) should be Changeable & effects can be used on text & symbols.

      • 11.  Animals, Fruit, Plants & Flowers Clipart in symbols Library should be included in CS6,

              & Pockets Dies' Templates also in template folder.

      • 12.  SAVE PRESET should be included in new document dialog box.

      • 13.   FONT MENU view should be Large with Slider like Photoshop so that we  can save our time more for selection of fonts up & down fast,

              also this facility should be in the control bar like photoshop.

      • 14. 5 last Effects should be placed in the recent list of applied last effects.

      • 15. Dashed Line stroke should be converted into dashed guide line.

      • 16. Transparency Mask should be apply able to every fill or stroke of single path's appearance in appearence panel.

      • 17.  Update the 3d Effects for Illustrator CS6, Here are my recommendations  or new Ideas. When we apply 3d Extrude on text/compound path it gives  good result but not perfect, for example when we use globe light on the  top 90 degree of O (letter) (O is also compound path) on the  top of O  light reflects but its Top's shadow should be on its own bottom's top  inside of O's which is donut or hole's bottom's top or inside of O's cut  of circle inside which is transparent. perspective shadow is also  necessary its additional option for shadow of Object's. there must be  check box included for applying  shadow & also shadow setting  (preferences) should be Linked with the 3D Object's own shadow, we could  change only its perspective setting so that we could scale/skew the  shadow & also we could apply blur & transparency from one side  to an other side like gradient to its shadow & also we could give  transparency any side of shadow like gradient, these are the preferences  for perspective shadow, Shadow depends the direction of light, therefore I already wrote shadow  setting (preferences) should be Linked with the 3D Object's own shadow,  Reflection option is not necessary it will make it too much heavy  reflection can be made by using FREE DISTORT, also we could open symbol libarary in the map art dilouge & any symbol we could apply.
      • Example of 3D's Shadow.


         for big preview open this pic in new tab    OR 


      • 18.Illustrator  should not show other programs' font, Those fonts can't be usable in  illustrator. just like Inpage professional & Kelk2000/2010 etc, or this option should be in preferences under type, select those fonts  & turn on the check box for don't show these fonts again in fonts  menu list. & if you can include find font menu like Indesign this  will be the best.


      • 19. Eye Dropper Tool:- This tool sucks only gradients applied on the object but doesn’t suck  the angle/direction of gradients applied on the object. If we have  converted a text/single character in to the outline, then we have  applied the gradient in different direction/angle, but now we want to  apply same direction/angle and same gradient for other outlined texts,  it applies only gradient of previous outlined text but not its  direction/angle. I hope in the future version it will suck also the  angle/direction.



      • updated

      to  perserve the angle of gradient with Eyedropper Tool in future version  of InDesign & Illustrator, there must be the check box provided for  fill proportional ( on any path/object/outlined text ) which should be  turn on as default.


      • 20. And the direction/angle of the gradient in swatches panel must remain same.


      Ai Print.jpg

      • 21.  In the Print Dialog  in [ General ] options Do not Scale/Fit to  page/Custom Scale, if you chose any option you will apply that option  for all art boards, but what about those art board on which you don't  want to apply/chose another option, you should create check box for (  All Art Boards ) & for also Marks & Bleed section etc. If any  person want to change the setting of any Art board that person will be  able,

      • 22. If we create more Art bords in canvas it shows this messege

      Art Bord.jpg

      Can not create Artboad out side of the canvase. Please rearrange & try again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????

      Why it shows this messege????

      if we had told Illustrator the driection of the Artboards in New Document Dialog Box, check New Document DialogAi New Doc.jpg

      Arrange by row/colum, Gird by row/colum,

      It should arrange by it self, in Future version.


      • 23. When I grab Artboard Tool, in Artbord mode, we could be able to use Align panel for to align the artbords

      &  Rulers must be starts ( O ) zero from canvase upper left corner in  artboard mode, (a). Align to selection (b). Align to Key Object ( for selected Artbord ) & there must be other option (c). Align (artbord) to canvas, &  Vertical/Horizontal Distribute option must work, we could be able to  make the group of artboards so that we could align select artboards at  the center of canvas.

      • 24. Placing Image

      Place Ai Prob.jpg

      If  we place Image in to Illustrator & that image has created by  Illustrator, during the place it shows the Dialog ( Place PDF ) in this  dialog there is option Crop to Art/Crop/Trim/Bleed/Media, you can choose  any option but you will get only artbord size image, if we choose Art,  it must place whole Art. From the Right side is Original Image with Art  borad, & from Left side same Image is placed, & I have choosen  crop to Art option during place. in future must Illustrator be able to  crop the Art/Crop/Trim/Bleed/Media with their ( crop to options ) different sizes.



      • 25.  Width Tool should be able to work with Live Paint in future  Version,  it is the part of liquify section & its name is width Tool   !!!!!!!!!!!

      & it works with only stroke/applied brushes on strokes !!!!!!!!!!

      Its name should be stroke width Tool.


      • 26. Live paint bucket & shape builder should show  Swatches' preview not from left & right only but also from Top &  Bottom,

      when press up or down arrows it jumps on groups, it shoud jump on the row by row.


      • 27. Keyboard Shortcuts . I have started to work with illustrator in 2008, am using these shortcuts since CS3

      for opacity 9 = 90% to 1 = 10%

      For next Blend Mode ` ( Tilde ) & for previous Blend Mode ~ ( Shift Tilde )

      these keys should be default in future version b/c these are really unuseful, make them useful.!


      • 28. Groups &  Groups : if we selects the group of objects in Ai it should shows group  in controle bar & in apperiance pannel, but when we select groups  ungrouped it sould show groups but not group in the control bar & in  apperience pannel!!!


      • 29. when Tranparency mask/path is selected its sholud show in control bar also transparency mask/path.


      • 30.  also with clipping mask selected, it should show in control bar &  apperiance pannel clipping mask, may be this is group!!!! but we are  selecting clipping mask mask.


      • 31. perspective selection tool shuld be able to rotate the object.


      • 32.  paste in place is not working proper some times????? & some times  key board shorcuts are not working it happens always since older  versions, I suggets you to improve this problem.


      • 33.  Artboard  mode = if you have selected artboard  Tool in artboard mode & also u have many artboards in same  documents, now you want to fit artboard to your art work in same  artboard's art work if you choose that option from controle bar you will  never get that that result that you want to get, you will get your  artboard fit on the whole art work on your document, & even that  artwork is in other artboards. Ai should not do that, in future  version......
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          inquestflash Level 1

          hey dude,those are great 33 new features,i really hope adobe takes em into consideration.especially the 3d functions dude!!!i also posted about the

          3d function which you might agree wiht it,if u got some time pls see my post.


          best regards.

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            MarioMari Level 1

            Much of this is a very useful features are missing in their daily work.

            I keep my fingers crossed.


            This is a very good program but I think that the number of features is too high for a long time the possibility intereface Illustrator.

            By the way, I'm curious as Adobe becomes aware of the necessary functions in Illustartor?

            Or work in a big hurry or malicious creators of new features are already people from another era. (With great respect).


            I hold to be buying a new Illustrator because I still am waiting for a change interface and smarter way to use tools. I work in Illustrator since version 5 and still arouses my emotions in my daily work.

            • 3. Re: 34th Features
              Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

              Fit Artboard to Artwork, if we choose this option from control bar for to fit artboard to the artwork into selected artboard during the Artboad mode, it fits artborad to the all artwork of the whole document's other arboards, this should fit on its own artwork done on it.

              • 4. Re: 35th Features
                Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

                Auto File info should be attached with new document according to document profile & Name, just like saved template,   1st we will Save file info in metadata template folder, when we need to create new document it should save with it & should auto change the name in info when we change the name of document.

                • 5. Re: 33 Essential Features

                  Yep, awesome list of features.

                  I hope they don't get buried by being together in 1 post.


                  #13 is my most recent pain-point.

                  • 6. Re: 33 Essential Features
                    Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1


                    My every feature is debatable, but I don't know Adobe will increase or not in future, few of them I told for CS5, & my awesome idea about Ai CS6 but I didn't Get in CS5. Even I have written Adobe Live Calligrapher http://forums.adobe.com/thread/774683 which is full Automation, after releasing it would be the world's big program for Calligraphy, but am not sure Adobe will release it !!!!!!!!! if Adobe will release it I will give them new idea for Adobe 3D World Professional which would be Worlds biggest 3D application than Maya & will be very Easy to use, Evey 3D Designer will love to use it...

                    • 7. Re: 33 Essential Features
                      Golden Sofy

                      Hi Muhammad I have checked your profile, your features  are really amazing, & 20 features for indesing are also the great features, I use Indesign more than other products & these features are really best for Indesign users, & I really love your feature for the bridge you that have written http://forums.adobe.com/thread/745353 I also don't like bridge cause of that reason, Adobe should think about it.

                      • 8. Re: 33 Essential Features
                        Golden Sofy Level 1

                        If you have any idea about 3D Application, then you should write it an other forum, just like Feature forum where you have posted Adobe Live Calligrapher.

                        • 9. Re: 33 Essential Features
                          Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

                          thanks Jessica

                          I left my Art field, now am working in NGO, I was trying to learn Maya for Adobe Institute, because I wanted to get it created by Adobe, & it would be very easy to use for every one, we could share our 3D files to Ps & Ai also ................ now I left this field (Art), & have no time for to learn & Understand 3D. may be I could not write it in Future. I have many solutions for many programs & Operating System, but I am not getting any result from Adobe..

                          • 10. Re: 33 Essential Features
                            Golden Sofy Level 1

                            Adobe should response, you are match less & most creative person in the world, your every idea & Feature is really Great like you. & I really recommend you to come back in same field. I hope Adobe will response you in future..... its you only who can give the best idea for creative programs. & I hink Adobe needs your help.

                            • 11. Re: 33 Essential Features
                              Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

                              Thanks Habibi

                              • 12. Re: 50 Features
                                Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1

                                These 15 features will make illustrator flexibl.



                                36.       There must be the icon in the control bar for to make clipping mask & release clipping mask,




                                37.       There must be the pull down in the control bar for blend, in the menu options must be release, expend, blend options, replace spine & reverse front to back etc. when blended object selected by black aero/ selection Tool.




                                38.       Art Brush Dialogue Stretch between Guides: When you add more guides, you will be able to add more stops (mean that part will not be stretched) so that you can make your brush beautiful, long & can apply that to your creative text or object to fit on perfect.





                                39.       When we select any point of meshed object with direct selection tool or lasso tool, it must show fill & stroke in the control bar.



                                40.       When we select few objects for aligning, & then we make a target one object/path selected between other selected objects by clicking again on any one of them to align others with that path/object, many times we need to define space between all & targeted, that time I always miss horizontal & vertical distributer & their text box where we write or type space.




                                41.       When we need to update the brush from control panel or graphic style etc, & we don’t want to open brushes & Graphic style panel, for that in CS6 this should be like this, we will control click on pull down menu of brushes & Graphic Style etc. to hold the panel for us till we finish our work, then we will click again to close the panel.



                                42.       Icons will save more space than blue text underlined.





                                43.       When type on path is selected with selection tool/black aero there must be pull down for it.




                                44.       Pen tool’s preview like fireworks’ pen tool for new users, it should be in available in pen tool’s preference, just other tools of illustrator, when we double click on pen tool it open its dialogue & there should be check box for turn on or off pen tool’s preview.



                                45.   If we want to edit the symbol we need to double click on the symbol, you will find yourself in symbol editing mode but is really good, but the problem is you are not able to change the registration point & you can’ rename the symbols, to change the registration point you have to move symbol & If you move the symbol then you will have to move all guides for 9-slice scaling.






                                46.   Envelope Distort menu’s icons must be available in control bar except make with top object, with single selected object or type.





                                47.   When graph is selected must be the pull down menu available for type, data, design, column & marker.




                                48.   If we select any path there must be icons available in the control bar for to create new symbol, style, brush etc.




                                49.   There must be pull down in control bar for perspective gird, When grab perspective gird tool it actives perspective gird but if we want to choose another preset just like one or two point perspective or want to save our preset we need to go to the view menu !!!

                                perspective Gird.gif



                                50.   Recolor the art work dialogue must have reset button like Photoshop’s fill or adjustments layers dialogues’, in Photoshop if you will change anything you don’t have to close the dialogue, because you are able to reset that new setting into old setting if you press ALT key.



                                • 13. Re: for Adobe
                                  Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1



                                            Adobe is acting on professional policy or has not creative/slow employers!


                                  I don’t know what the truth is! But the reality is Adobe has increased only few features since CS to CS5, other older features have been the same as the last versions, but Adobe has made software only flexible with these old features, we were using them since long time, to make flexible (just example of appearance panel in CS4 & CS5 is better than before) that is good, but is it a feature! Old appearance panel was working proper, now a days it is only flexible, But result is still same, nothing is changed in result, Adobe should bring things like bristle & Blob brush, live paint & Live trace ETC these are the real features.



                                            Adobe needs to create real features so that we use them & we would be able to give Adobe new ideas for new application & new real features.



                                  Adobe should let the software be completed with these essential features. If Adobe will spend more money for this it will be able to earn more.



                                            These features are for only Illustrator, if you pay attention to other applications you will see those need to be redeveloped again, just like flash, Dreamweaver & Fireworks ETC, these are not still looking Adobe’s Applications, but Adobe’s employers answers would be, we will have to care about macromedias/old users, even now old users are using Adobe’s application.


                                  But I know Adobe can increase only these features to make software more flexible, & may be Adobe can do only this, & every time we need to request for feature, & we wait for it to get in new version, but result we get 2%.




                                            It is big stupidity to move at the snail’s pace, when the time demands fast approach to meet the challenge, & enhancement of creativity is the symbol of development.

                                  • 14. Welcome Back Mr. Genuis
                                    Golden Sofy Level 1

                                    You have written 50 amazing features, & I love your features, I think Adobe is really lucky for that.

                                    Habibi you are right Adobe is really acting on professional policy or has really not creative teams....

                                    now r u working as a Designer anywhere or freelance? & will you write 3D application for Adobe? which would be better than 3D Maya...

                                    • 15. Re: Welcome Back Mr. Genuis
                                      Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1


                                      Thank you Golden Friend.


                                      Sorry for late reply,


                                      Dear I need job permanent & am looking for the job these days I really don't use Adobe's products since last 2 year, sometimes I use computer & at that time during  checking mails I use illustrator for short time to enjoy with it, & that time I write features when I feel Illustrator needs to be like this, just like today, & also I write new fantastic feature today, I hope you will like this also.




                                      51. width Tool should be able to work on new stroke form appearance panel in future,




                                                This is fantastic Feature


                                      52. Stroke Springer Tool,

                                      This Tool should work on applied stroke on path in basic & new stroke appearance, this tool will attach the symbol on the path, with this tool you will be able to attach any symbol on the path/stroke anywhere, you are not able to use gradient in pattern & Art brush, but we can use gradient in symbol, how this will work? this is example if you have created beautiful flowers & leaves with gradient & converted them in to symbols, now you will apply this on the selected stroke from appearance panel, click on stroke’s any place to attach flower selected from symbol panel, then with that tool selected press Ctrl key temporarily to switch the scale tool of it scale & resize, Alt to rotate & Shift to move that symbol up down inside or outside, scale, rotate & move tools will be inside of it for this only, like other tools of illustrator when you click on any tool and hold it to get other tools. & you will be able to attach any symbol with that tool, Select leaf from symbol panel then click on the path/stroke with this tool will give you better result than Art brush (stretch between guides) sees the result of Art brush (stretch between guides)!


                                      Many Flowers are really looking bad with Art Brush


                                      But with this new tool you will be able to use gradient & then when you use the drop shadow for that stroke, the effect you will be able to get better than Art Brush. See the result of that tool without gradient! Its will be much better when u use gradient in symbols, you will get really amazing result.

                                      Ai 2.jpg

                                      • 16. Re: Welcome Back Mr. Genuis
                                        Golden Sofy Level 1

                                        Hey man you are really matchless, feature no: 52 is really awesome like you. but am 100% sure Adobe will not increase this feature in futures version I think you are wasting your time for Adobe, it will never response you, trust me.

                                        • 17. Re: Welcome Back Mr. Genuis
                                          Mohammed Amjed Khan Level 1


                                          Feature 53

                                          I have created 6 rectangles & filled them with group of 6 global swatches, if we change any swatch form group, we will have to double click on any one & them after applying new changing, we will be able to see those color value changes in to the applied that color on our artwork that is really nice benefit of global swatch. But when we need to change whole global grouped of swatches & if we have many global swatches then what we do!!! If we double click on folder/group of global swatches, it opens Edit Color dialogue, there must be any option to convert them in to global or spot swatch, just like the in  picture you can see I have right clicked on created group & I got only one option remove color group & with that option there must be convert that group in to spot gloabal or right click on any one or with few swatches selected there must be option available for converting.2.gif

                                          where you can edit your global group of swatches, but when you need to save all those swatches as a same global group. you will not be able to see all those swatches as a global group of swatchs, & that’s we really don't want, we can change color values of all those swatchs' group in Edit color dialouge & we will get them only as swatches group but not global group, those swatch needs to be as global swatchs as they were before.



                                          Feature 54

                                          Gradient Mesh Points Editor & rotator, I thought in 2008 it would be very easy to understand & use mesh like width tool but I didn't write in forum because I felt may be Adobe will never be able to understand this, but width tool has solved that problem & also I got those pages on which I had written that feature, it should work like stroke width tool after applying all paths like 5th Feature Live mesh group we will use that tool to attach the points to increase the color’s width & its rotation with its mesh point rotate tool, if we need to increase more width of applied color on that point we will drag its point just like width tool does to increase the width of stroke & when we need to rotate according to design/etc we will rotate that point with mesh point/etc rotator. & that will make better & Easy to use Gradient mesh.

                                          • 18. Re: 33 Essential Features

                                            Inner shadow is a must! Takes so long to recreate with compund shapes and clipping masks when it should be a dynamic illustrator effect. Being able to stack fills and strokes plus adding effects to the stack make Illustrator the most powerful UI design tool, just missing this one feature. Would love someone from the Illustrator dev team to confirm this.