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    sidecar.xml generator

    Johannes Eckert Level 4

      Good Morning.


      I present to you the sidecar.xml generator for Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite.



      This tool creates the sidecar.xml file for you after you entered all metadata for each article.

      You can change the order of the articles by just drag-and-drop.

      It is usefull for non-subscribers to DPS, who can only re-arrange folios with the sidecar.xml method.


      It is a small website at:



      Works in every modern browser. It uses many JavaScript, so use a fast browser, especially if you have a lot of articles.


      I use it on my own and decided to release it to the public until Adobe comes out with a new Version of the Folio Builder Panel wich will then support re-ordering.


      After you added some articles and metadata, click on "Generate sidecar.xml file" to get the raw text for your file. Paste the whole xml-content into a sidecar.xml file, put into it's own folder and import the folder with the "Import Multiple Articles" method. Then the metadata from sidecar.xml is pulled into your folio.


      The generator creates a unique URL each time you make a change or click "save". With this (very long URL) you can come back later to the generator to make changes to your sidecar.xml file.


      Please keep in mind that I made this tool in one day for myself. There might be some glitches when deleting articles from the list, always keep an eye on your data.


      Hope this is helpful for some people working on folios as non-subscribers.