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    Best data file format


      Hi evryone,


      I'm starting a simple Air application whose goal is to save and show data in datagrids and graphics.

      The point is the database is going to be quite large (about 100 or 200 000 data) and supposably long to read...


      I'm wondering which kind of file format I am to use : txt, xml or real databases like access or SQL (knowing I'd like the application to be light...)


      Thanks for your answers.




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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          If you will always access the data sequentially and not edit existing data, then a flat file format is probably the most efficient, although perhaps not the easiest to deal with in ActionScript. XML is easier to deal with in ActionScript, but I think that you have to load the entire XML file into memory to access the data in it.


          Using the built-in SQL database is probably the most flexible and memory-use friendly solution.