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    Centering and Scrolling for .swf files in browsers?


      I was helped yesterday to horizontally center my flash movie in browser windows. Worked swimmingly, but now realize there is no scroll functionality. I did find another code sample that allows for scrolling, but I could not make it work. Can anyone take a look at the following code and tell me what I need to do, or simply revise the code for scrolling? (Caveat: I'm a designer, not a developer, so I know nothing about HTML. Feel free to assume I'm an idiot;-) 




      <style type="text/css" media="screen">
      body {
          margin:50px 0px; padding:0px;

      #flashContent {
          margin:0px auto;





      Also, if it helps to view source, I have a test site up at: joeabedesign.com