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    Newbie Question My Photos print and show desaturated color

    Steve Little Level 1

      Hi I have a feeling there is a very simple answer to this. My photos which I mainly process in Lightroom 3 (with some adjustments in Photoshop CS3) print and show desaturated colors wether or not they are RAW or JPEG. I have applied camera profile settings such as landscape, to raw files but when I export them as a jpg and send to a photo shop to print they are still desaturated. Also when I send a stand alone file to a media contact it shows desaturated to them. If I deliberately adjust my monitor to Pro RGB it appears to show the true colour that others are seeing. I have attempted to over saturate to get a reasonable print but clearly this is not correct.


      Proberbly an easy question for someone out there but I am having trouble resolving it.


      Many Thanks