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    Problem opening a package from FTP site -- font is screwed up.

    Saeroner Level 1

      Maybe someone could help me out. I downloaded a zip file off this guys FTP and I was to make a couple text changes on my end. I have never worked from someone else's indd file before so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I extracted the zip and there are 2 folders (links, fonts) and there is the indd file, text file for printer and some IDLK file. I open the indd and and the 1st thing that pops up is 'missimg fonts' window ( the document is mostly using Helvectica font which is not installed on my machine). I try and use the find font but all i can seem to do it replace the font which screws everything up (11 page doc). If i just click OK and let it be all the text is sort of mangled together with little to no spacing. Any idea what I should do?