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    D11.5 black screen graphics not rendered


      Finally broke down and bought D11.5 after working with trial version.


      Published my project.


      Now when I import records it does so just like in authoring, but when I leave the the import screen all other screens are black like its not drawing the graphics on the stage. A few fields on one screen display but nothing else. I can get back to the import screen and it displays properly.  The records imported go into a cast that is then 33MB.


      My suspicion is that it has used all its memory and can't deal with drawing graphics??


      However if I quit the application and restart it (the imported records having been saved in a cast) all the screens display properly.


      I tried adding extra memory in the Publish setup panel -- no change.


      Oh it only does the black screen thing in the Mac version.


      Mac OSX 10.6.8