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    Problem of edge of texture

      I found there is a little error on edges of texture.

      See my copy picture:

      It is a top corner of a cube model (it is inside the cube). Every face of the cube has texture on it. Look the middle of picture, you can see three looming lines (they are the three edges at the cube corner). Especially the top left one, very clear. But my texture pictures had been made carefully and they join each other very well. The looming lines should not appear. It seems because some pixels at the opposite edge was mapped there.

      At the same time, I found the lines did not appear when export (from 3DS Max). Image quality is very good in Export Preview window. Here is copy picture of Export Preview window:


      Can I let the lines disappear in Director and let image quality as well as that when export? How to do?
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          _lw Level 1
          try to change the textures "nearfiltering", if you set it to false it should look the same as in the software-rendered viewport of the 3dsmax exporter.

          Try to add a border around the edged, so the texture has some pixels that are in the same color when blurred.

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            WrongAgain Level 1
            I do have tried nearFiltering. Here is my piece of code:

            member("scene").texture("Map #1").quality = #high
            member("scene").texture("Map #1").renderFormat = #rgba8880
            member("scene").texture("Map #1").nearFiltering = FALSE

            But the looming lines are still there. Things look like the exporter viewport except the lines.

            Help said when nearFiltering is true, bilinear filtering is used. I don't know when nearFiltering is false, it is no filtering used or trilinear filtering used? If no filtering is used, the lines should disapear in theory. But my result of code is puzzling.

            And I have thought about adding border, but that will depress the usability of my software.
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              _lw Level 1
              i think the viewport of the exporter uses software rendering. because of this the "quality" of the textures is "#low" and "nearfiltering" is "false".

              you can test around on runtime very easy if you copy the following into a moviescript:

              on texquality (pworld, var)
              repeat with i=1 to cnt
              pworld.texture .quality=var
              end repeat

              on texnearfiltering (pworld, var)
              repeat with i=1 to cnt
              end repeat

              then, when the movie is running you can switch on runtime by typing this into the messagewindow:

              texquality(member("world"), #low)
              texquality(member("world"), #middle)
              texquality(member("world"), #hign)

              and this to turn the nearfiltering off or on:
              texnearfiltering(member("world"), 0)
              texnearfiltering(member("world"), 1)

              If this is not working, i have no idea how to do it.