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    Threading in Flex 4.5 Mobile Projects

    Unit 399

      Hi fellow developers,


      as the subject, i'm looking for a way to implement threading in a flex 4.5 mobile project. As i researched around the web, i seen that standard threading is not avalaible in flex projects, yet there are several ways to deal with this problem. Yet,i couldnt understand fully those ways, or how to implement them. So here is a draft of my project that i'm working on.


      The project will include several screens (views).

      • A 2 way messaging screen
      • Dynamic form creation, filling and sending
      • Navigation (not online, will work with a local map file)
      • EcoDrive (will run from a shared dll)
      • Settings


      At the moment, the project is done with Visual C# (VS 2008) on a WindowsCE 5.0 platform. current platform uses RS232 (serial) port to communicate with a GPRS device, which is connected to our servers. so the device doesnt have a full internet connection, yet a limitted and a controlled connection to our servers only via its serial port.


      now, i wish to implement and modify it for Flex, to make it run on Android and iOS devices. So far so good.


      the problem is, in my winCE project, there are different threads which deals with serial communication (checking if any data on serial buffer, checking if there is a package to send in db etc), database handlers etc.


      i found a way to use serial communication with my android device, which i will go for. Yet, as you can see, i need at least 1 different thread to handle serial communication while the main functions of the program works without any pause or delay.


      i hope i defined my needs clearly, to receive a helpfull response from Flex Family.


      with my best regards,