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    How to make CS5 hotspots work like rollovers




      I have this project where I am taking a map of a country and wanting to make each state a hotspot that when you click on it, will show 2 or 3 images of that state that the person can click on for more information.


      I want to create hotspots so that when you click on them, they make 1 or more images appear on the same page as the hotspot.  These images can themselves contain links.  Not so much pop-ups, but rather just some nice images alongside the image map.


      Further, when you click on another hotspot on the same image map, it closes whatever images were previously open, and opens one or more new images relevent to that new hotspot (still on the same page).  We have not left the page yet that has the image map.


      The thing that is different here is that these hotspots do not link to a new page, they behave more like a rollover.  I don't want to use rollovers because my image map will contain probably a dozen or more of these hotspots.


      Does this make any sense?   I hope someone can help me with this, thanks!!