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    Very frequent GETs for user notifications...


      I'm running Adobe Reader X 10.0.0 on an up to date XP Pro machine.  I'm seeing frequent alerts from Comodo Firewall that AcroRd32.exe is trying to connect to a remote server.  Seems like every time I open a PDF this happens (as in many times a day).  Investigation reveals that these are GETs to an Adobe [Akamai] server for message.zip which contains user notifications (Adobe product/feature "advertizelets" it looks like).  Although this appears harmless, it also appears to be of no value to me and for the time being at least I'd rather not permanently block AcroRd32.exe from accessing the Internet.  Is there a way to disable this notification "feature"?


      FWIW, in Preferences->Tracker there is a Notifications category and I've attempted to uncheck both "Show notification icon in system tray" and "Show notification inside Adobe Reader".  However, the "Show notification icon in system tray" setting doesn't stick.  If I uncheck both options, hit OK, close Reader X, launch it again, and go into Preferences->Tracker, the "Show notification icon in system tray" option is checked again.  Even though the "Show notifications inside Adobe Reader" option remains unchecked, I still see these notifications being displayed on the start window when Reader X is launched from the Programs menu.  Which makes me wonder if Preferences->Tracker->Notifications actually pertains to the notifications I've described (?).


      Thanks for any help you can share.