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    Multiple versions of same AE project crash Premiere Pro




      I guess this should be possible, but it seems I'm doing something wrong.

      I'm making a Premiere Pro CS5.5 project. It's a how-not-to tutorial I'm using as an example project to get myself started in AE CS5.5 with PPro.

      Now... between clips I want premiere pro to show screens like 'lesson 1: when you... don't...' then a video clip, then 'lesson 2: when you... don't', then another example video clip. Etc...


      However, it would be nice if those text screens in between were animated. So I make a project in AE called 'lesson1', save it, just to do the animated text in between.

      Import to PPro: nice.

      Now I would like to make the 'lesson 2' animation. I want it to be animated the same way as lesson 1. So I open project lesson1, change the text and save it as AE project 'lesson2'. This way I don't have to do any animation again.

      This would be the easy way, right? Instead of having to copy everything or instead of saving presets.

      This doesn't work.

      For some reason PPro (even though AE is saved and AE is closed) now jumbles together the projects. Lesson1 is showing lesson2 or lesson3. It seems although the AE projects are saved under different names, PPro is still viewing the edited versions as the original or one of the edited versions, except for the version I want it to show.

      At some point this will crash PPro and/or AE.


      I'll start trying making different comps in the same project, maybe that will work. However, why doesn't it work this way?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          However, why doesn't it work this way?


          Because whenever you do this


          So I open project lesson1, change the text and save it as AE project 'lesson2'.


          you are merely editing the current project and saving it under a different name and Premiere always updates to the latest version of a project, regardless how it may be named. As long as you are using Dynamic Link, this is how it works. Consequently, you will have to leave it out of the loop and create the individual projects by launching AE directly, not invoking it from Premiere and then import the comps using DL. The only caveat after that might be that the comps would possibly have the same names, making things confusing to work with...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your workflow is a bit wonky. Here's the right way to use AE projects inside a PPro timeline:


            1. Select the clip or clips you want to process in After Effects
            2. Right click on any of the selected clips and select Replace with After Effects Composition
            3. AE opens, save the project file, then edit the composition created with Dynamic Link.
            4. Do Not close AE.
            5. Repeat for as many clips as you need to process in AE.

            It's always better to end up with one AE project embedded in a timeline than a bunch of AE projects embedded. I'm guessing that the crashing is caused when dynamic link is trying to access several projects at the same time. Dynamic link can handle a fist full of compositions much better than it can handle a fist full of projects in the same timeline.

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              JelteDesign Level 1

              Hi Rick!


              Yes, my workflow was a bit wonky. As said I later tried to use different comps in the same project and this worked a lot better. Though it still crashed my PPro in the end and gave me a good lesson in saving changes in between...

              Your tip is superb though, since I did find the 'open as AE project', but never thought to look for 'open as AE comp'. Have to try that.


              I'm only used to photoshop and an old version of Premiere Elements, so it takes some time getting used to an integrated suite and its different workflow.

              I know this is a bit of a sideway, but maybe now I am at it, I can ask it here.

              It seems that a project in PPro dynamically linked with a few AE comps asks quite a bit of my laptop (Vaio, Core i7 Q720, 4GB RAM, Geforce GT 330M, 128GB SSD) while it was not a really complicated job. I didn't even dare to use the Warp Stabilizer.


              (Go easy on me, it's my first video ever... (and talks about how not to go waterspout chasing, 1. you need a tripod, 2. remember your DSLR doesn't automatically keeps focus 3. even with focus and tripod, calculate the wind in... 4. you need good software.))


              This can be because a few reasons I came up with:

              1. The source files were still on a SD card, because a SSD is a great invention but doesn't leave you with a lot of space. Does this affect the performance? (I later realized this might be the source of the problem, but I'm not sure if AE uses a virtual file on the HD or keeps working with the original on the SD.)

              2. I need 8 GB of RAM, since my memory usage seemed to hover about 85% of it's space in use.

              3. I need an Apple...

              4. Other...


              Though the video is pure hobby, I am plannning to use this professionally in the future, so I would really appreciate it if you would give me a clear understanding of what to take into account.


              Thanks so far! I really enjoy working with the software. Have a bit of a steep learning curve still to go through though.