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    jQuery Mobile Login Dialog Box


      I am able to get a login to appear in a jQuery dialog box using this:


      <a href="login.php" data-rel="dialog" class="ui-btn-right">Login</a>


      But using the Dreamweaver User Authentication function, how do I RETURN from the dialog box. What URL do I use for the "success" and/or "failure"?


      I've tried a few different variations, but I either stay within the dialog box, or I return to the actual page but have lots of unncessary text in the URL. What do I use for the redirect values?


        $MM_redirectLoginSuccess = "?????";
        $MM_redirectLoginFailed = "????";



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          Which type of jQuery mobile page set-up are you using, one continuous page or individual pages, and can you provide a link to?


          If it is the continuous page type you have to supply the # number as well, (I doubt that you would do this kind of page set-up for secure pages, but thought I would ask anyway).