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    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I'm planning on buying the above to compliment my Sony Z1E, so I can shoot footage on the hoof when I'm out and about (my other camcorder is just an SD and you don't just put the Z1 in your pocket in case...) Having looked around, either the Panasonic PANASONIC HDC-SD90 or the HDC-SD900 seems to fit the bill for me in terms of spec and price.


      Can I ask if anyone experience of this camcorder and PPr CS5 and if so, are there any issues in capturing from this camera? (I'd need to use the USB connection as I don't have any SDHC and SDXC card slots in my PC and I understand recording to an SD card is not recommended.)


      I hope some one might give me some pointers.