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    embedded video in ios app


      I am having a problem with embedded video in an iOS app.  I am using FB 4.5.1.  Originally I was using the AIR 2.6 SDK but I have since added the AIR 2.7 SDK but to no effect.


      I am building an app that plays a series of videos.  I originally built it for Android and it works fine.  I am displaying the video using the <videodisplay> component.  In my project for the iOS app I get no errors and in emulating the iPad on the desktop it works fine.  When i build the ipa everything works fine and I can load the ipa onto the iPad.  When I run it, the app runs fine, but when I go the one of the views with the <videodisplay> component the views lays out as if the video were present but instead of the video I get a blank space.


      I created the video using Premier Pro 5.5 using the H.264 codec and a preset for the iPAd at 640 x 480 4x3 29.97fps 1200kbps.


      Does anyone have any advice for me?