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    Cannot open an acsm file

    Castelino N Level 1

      I cannot open my ebook this is the error I receive please help.


      Adobe Readercould not open "Qualitative research in tourism.acsm' because it is either not supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an emai attachment and was'nt correctly decoded).


      I have downloaded the adobe digital and activated too.  Please help to sort this out.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sorry but I don't see how this has anything to do with DPS. And I have no idea what a .acsm file is.



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            David Ben Level 3

            .acsm is the ticket format for Adobe Digital Editions and Content Server to control DRM.  the .acsm file is not the book or ebook.... its mearly a download path and authorization file that tells Digital Editions to download.  Make sure Digital Editions is selected to open the .acsm NOT Adobe reader.  If your using windows just right click and goto "open with" and select Adobe Digital Editions.  If for whatever reason the .acsm is still not opening correctly it is most likely an issue with the file, not adobe digital editions--


            Ps.  Any further questions about Adobe Digital Editions or Content server should be directed to their respective forums.


            Take care



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              Andy Blackham Level 1

              David is spot on.


              .acsm (Adobe Content Server Manager) files are the initial communication between Adobe or the vendor and the Adobe Digital Editions reader to authorise your AdobeID for the publication you've purchased.  Downloads can be tied to an Adobe ID (ie a person) or a machine, but machine content cannot be moved to other devices and won't work if the machine is wiped and restored.


              That fact you've seen it indicates that you do not have the Adobe Digital Editions reader installed:




              As you've discovered, Acrobat Reader cannot handle these files.

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                Jim_Nabors Level 1

                I had the ACSM problem when trying to get E-books from the



                I had "Saved" the ACSM files and Windows 7 didn't recognize.

                I accidentally associated the .ascm file to Adobe Reader - mistake as

                I forgot to UNCHECK the box that made it the default.


                Then, installed Adobe Digital Edition (library had link to software).


                Used Windows CONTROL PANEL (searched for help on "file associations") to

                tell Windows 7 to look for c:\windows\program files(x86)\adobe\adobe digital editions\digitaleditions.exe


                Then, went back to library and chose DOWNLOAD button.  Chose to "Open" file and the E-books finally

                appeared in my new fancy, black menu of Adobe Digital Edition.


                Someone earlier explained that the ACSM file is just the "key" to give you permission to access the file, the "door," I think,

                is the epub or pdf file.  The door is the actual book, the larger byte size file.

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                  oyvay123 Level 1

                  This worked for me!! Took me 2 hours to get to your posting.  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

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                    cedricl37360140 Level 1

                    Wish that worked for me


                    Am using Windows 10 and have been trying now for 2 hours before finding this post.


                    It doesn't work for me unfortunately


                    Help needed

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                      mahera97594461 Level 1

                      same thing happen to me
                      try to erase the authorization from help menu then reauthorize again

                      then drag the file to the adobe digital edition screen then it will download


                      after that to convert ur file to pdf download epub converter then choose the file from adobe digital edition